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Game of Thrones instant thoughts

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After a year of anticipating Game of Thrones Season 7, it’s finally here.  The season premier was solid but there are some parts I can do without.

The show begins with Walden Frey giving a speech to his men.  The speech quickly turned into Frey bashing his own family.  The men begin to choke to death and viola, Arya Stark pulls off Frey’s. I thought this was genius because for about 40 seconds, I thought it was a recap scene from the last episode before I realized it was Arya.  I don’t think Game of Thrones has ever done a recap of a previous episode.

giphy (1)I do not advocate domestic violence but Sansa Stark needs a good ole fashion slap from her brother.  At this point, I don’t think she’s trying to help Jon; she is clearly trying to undermine and it appears she has a  penis swinging contest with Cersei Lannister.  As I watched Sansa interrupt Jon, I couldn’t help but think of Godfather’s famous words to Sonny.

The Hound and BWOB (Brothers Without Banners) stumble on a cabin with a family who appeared to kill themselves from starvation.  The Hound felt remorseful because he mugged the farmer of that family and stole their silver and he took their food which forced them to kill themselves.  I may be overthinking but I am confused with the Hound’s vision in the fire.  The BWOB tells the Hound to look into the fire, and the vision should reveal their purpose.  The Hound sees the army of Wights crossing the wall.  If the BWOB’s purpose is to bring people back to life to fight the Wights, they better get to work raising more dead people. I also considered if they were saying they are affiliated with the White Walkers.

I love the way Sam was frustrated looking through a book for ways to kill White Walkers and boom in a few turns of the pages, he comes across a huge find with a cache of dragon glass beneath Dragonstone.

I am tired of Daenerys Targaryen on screen.  I really hope she gets killed off.  How many times have we had these big epic grand scenes with Daenerys.  The music is intense and you are expecting to see something huge and it turns out to be some 80s style one liner.  If it was not for Tyrion Lannister, I would not look at any of her scenes.   Most of her scenes in six years were pretty much like this year’s season opener, a lot of build up for absolutely nothing.  Yes, I know she was returning home but hell she don’t even remember home.

As mentioned, the show was solid. It moved a little slower than I would have thought with so much remaining on the table.  It could have been better — in fact, I was expecting better.  Of all Game of Thrones season openers, season 7 was the worst.

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