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A blackout day, geaux home LSU fan (you’re drunk, too) NFL previews, shames of the week and more: The update for July 19

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Mood: Sunday I woke up barely alive squished in between two of my friends. On a couch. How we ALL three  ended up there instead of in the bed will remain a mystery. There was also a “throw up bowl” and a half-eaten box of Chinese food by my head. Yet another unsolved mystery.

GEAUX Screw Yourself: I do, however, remember the bar fight we got into with an LSU fan. Of course, he tried REALLY hard to convince us all that Fournette is a better RB than Dalvin Cook. He also said that he didn’t consider David Johnson a top three back so I knew he was full of sh–. But wait, there’s more. He ends every argument with “… LSU is still DBU!” *insert MAJOR eye roll here* I thought there were no other fans worse than the Dallas Cowgirl fans. I was wrong. I blame the LSU kid for my alcohol poisoning. It was him who made me keep downing vodka to drown out his voice.


Holly’s Huddle: In a recent post I told you guys which RB’s I was most looking forward to this season… Now I’ll share with you which teams I’m ready to watch. (Again, it’s this or we talk WWE).

  • OAKLAND – Pretty sure this is going to be the team everyone is excited to watch. (Unless you’re an old school Chiefs fan. *sigh* The good football days) Fan or not, the Raiders are STACKED on both sides of the ball. Of course, everyone wants to see Beast Mode’s comeback but how about Carr? Carr and Cooper are easily one of the sexiest duos in the league. (I mean football sexy… I’m not too into man eyeliner)
  • ARIZONA – This is the year. It’s all or go home for the Vets. Literally. Let’s just hope they can redeem themselves from last season. With big defensive play makers like  Mathieu & Peterson and the Palmer/Fitzgerald action on offense, there’s no reason this team shouldn’t kill it.
  • TAMPA BAY – Nasty defense. Nasty receivers. A QB thats trying to get nasty? This team is on the come up.
  • PHILADELPHIA – I know, you guys are as excited as I am for this one! Wentz has WEAPONS. I spent 122 off season days, 12.6 hours and 27 minutes praying to the football gods for this. Praying for ANYONE… ANYTHING that could catch the ball and low and behold, Alshon fell from the heavens onto my roster. Oh, and so did Torrey Smith. We didn’t get Cook like I wanted but we got Barnett who only strengthens our already bad ass defense. Did someone say special teams because I’m pretty sure we have one of the best. (I’ll give you guys a break and move on)

Texan’s didn’t quite make my “exciting” list BUT Brien kind of likes them. He breaks down their RB’s here. Make sure you check back later today to see what he has to say about Houston’s WR’s/TE’s.

Hottie Down: Carlos Correa tore a ligament in his thumb. This sounds like no big deal, but if you’re a Houston sports fan this is equivalent to Brady being out. In fact, it’s almost worse because the ‘Stros are all we have. I mean, unless 9-7 turns you on. If OBrien is your kind of thing… or maybe you’re into Harden… that gets you almost there just to tease and leave you kind of thing.

Shame Time: Just in case you guys forgot how athletic you have to be to play baseball… Tampa Bay’s catcher pulls a hamstring watching his homer.

Shame bell No.1  


Apparently this gold medalist was so drunk he tried to pay his cab fee with his medal. I wonder if my 7th grade soccer medal will suffice with Houston’s Uber??

Shame bell No. 2


Check out this list of top Florida shames… Because we all love us some Floridians.

Shame bell No 3-13


Quote of the Day: “When I wake up in the morning and I turn that film on, it’s like reading a book and it’s exciting. I don’t read books, but if I read books it would be like reading a book.” – Les Miles

Hottie of the Day:


I’m sure her face is pretty too… 

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