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Will Game of Thrones ever address what happened in the very first episode?

By Lamont Mann

After the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere aired last Sunday, I found myself asking, “what started all of this?” Most people tend to answer that question with Peter “Little Finger” Baelish and Lysa Arryn killing Jon Arryn. I’m not so sure. So, I decided to go back and refresh my memory by watching Season 1.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzAre Little Finger and Lysa really the catalyst for 7 years of intense watching, frame by frame?  I don’t think so – but let me approach it another way. Were Catelyn or Ned Stark at odds with the Baratheons when King Robert summoned Ned to assume the position of Hand of the King? The answer is simply no.

Here’s what I think:

All of the beef we are witnessing as of now leads back to Jaime & Cersei being caught in the act of a rousing bout of sibling sex by Bran Stark, followed by Jaime pushing him out of the tower window.

If Bran had never been pushed out of the window, Catelyn Stark would not have gone on the war path she did, peaking Ned’s interest to investigate the rumors – which then resulted in a really pissed off Cersei.

Through the seasons, everyone including myself has grown to adore Jaime. Turns out, he’s a pretty swell guy – outside of attempted murder on a young kid and his incestuous relationship with his sister, which in included essentially raping her right next to their dead child’s body. (Season 4, Ep 3)

Jaime and Cersei have a massive bombshell hanging over them like a slider.

Inquiring minds still would like to know:

  • Does Brandon Stark still remember?? He should, considering he can now see everything, past and present.
  • Was the history of the world just downloaded into him via the Three Eyed Raven as a transfer of duties?
  • What happens when Bran tells Arya, Jon, Sansa or anyone that he witnessed Jaime and Cersei having sex and that they tried to kill him? Will the Starks allow it to go unanswered, let bygones be bygones?
  • If or when Jaime and Cersei find out that Bran is still alive, would they try to take him out again?

Jaime and Cersei attempting to kill Bran is merely an afterthought now… but that was a huge fucking element of the Game Of Thrones.


I would like to think that most of you have also watched HBO’s The Sopranos.  I’m a huge fan of the show. However, there was a particular scene that was never explained – it pretty much vanished like a fart in the wind. In the season 3 episode “Pine Barrens,” Paulie and Christopher allow a Russian they were about to execute get away – apparently, the Russian was besties with a business associate of Tony Soprano, and this business associate expressed how he owed the Russian his life. My big question is, what happened to the Russian? I have my theories… but really I hope we are not headed that same way with Game of Thrones.


The Sopranos “Pine Barrens” episode is just like GOT’s S:1 Ep:1. And to me, if Game of Thrones does not give any answers regarding this particular plot in the show, it leaves a huge hole.

Two for One

Here’s some food for thought – we all know that Cersei is already on Arya’s shit list. How convenient would it be if that upon learning the truth about Bran’s fall, Arya takes out Cersei by first killing Jaime…. then assuming his face?

Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.


Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is your weekly Friday updater, and also weighs in on a variety of subjects throughout the week. Former military man, UH Grad. Follow him on Twitter: @sportsmedialm is helping sponsor a charity poker tournament at Whitmeyer’s Distillery at 6 p.m. on July 29. It benefits the Touchdown Club of Houston, and entry includes dinner from Demeris BBQ and beer from Karbach. There will also be access to all of the great Whitmeyer’s products. Snowman Poker League is running the event. Sign up using PayPal at Space is limited so sign up now. It will be a great event for a great cause!


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