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Derrick Rose to Cavs and Kyrie to the Knicks? Ew. Also a fishing story – the update for July 25th

We continue to wait with bated breath for what will happen next with Kyrie Irving. He’s requested a trade away from the Cavs and rumor is it’s the Knickerbockers of New York City that he’d like to play for. What in the hell? The Knicks are a trash can of an organization. They’ve been getting worse and worse for years rather than better. Arguably their best player, Kristaps Porzingis hates everything about them and their only other piece is an aging Carmelo Anthony. Perhaps Irving thinks he could be the man in NYC (he’s wrong), or he feels like Lebron is going to leave again and doesn’t want to be stuck in Cleveland picking up the pieces. There are two story lines from this saga that are not getting enough attention. 1) Lebron, always a masterful subtweeter released an Instagram story right around the time the Kyrie news started leaking. In the story he’s mouthing the words to a song about having no loyalty. Really Lebron? I love him, but you simply can’t ever do that. You of all people have to sit idly by whenever someone leaves and just take it. 2) Derrick Rose is headed to Cleveland on a contract where he’ll make $2.1 million. Two point one million dollars. I feel like the trainers who’s only job is to throw the basketballs to players during shoot-a-rounds make more than $2 million these days. Just look at this list and what players are making. I mean Michael Carter Williams for god sakes. He’s battled injuries for years, and I guess I’d be fine making $2 million to blow my knee out in the first quarter of the season and sit around waiting to make the finals with Lebron. Even the NBA is getting in on the fun:

The Astros won last night in Philadelphia 13-4 after a two hour rain delay. I didn’t watch after the rain delay because I was tired and if my eyes don’t decieve me, no one in Philly stayed either.

The Astros pulled out the win behind at five run fourth inning (right when the tarp was pulled). The Phillies are honestly terrible and have been for a while. They remind me of the Astros before selling the farm started to work out for them. As for the Astros, we’ll see how they can do without Correa for the next couple of months and they’re getting back McHugh and Keuchel. Although McCullers has been off the past two games, I can see him making a big comeback, my fear is that he’s getting tired – I’d give him a few extra games rest to get it right. You can check out our weekly Astros wrap-up here.

Also, in case you missed it, our friend Brien continues his roster previews with specialists.

Everyone knows I’ve never been too outdoorsy. Well those days are over folks. I purchased a tent and some other camping equipment and once I learn how to pitch this bad boy and start a fire Baby Biscuit and I are going to go camping. This past weekend some friends and I hit up Surfside to go fishing – a nice little foray into outside stuff. If you’re learning how to fish for the first time, the Surfside jetties are not the place. I’d cast (once I learned how, which was an adventure in itself) and my hook and weight would immediately get stuck under a rock. I’d be excited, thinking I got a fish, be let down, then have to cut the line and start over. But it was fun. And Surfside is on my list of day trips from Houston. So keep an ear out for either a super successful camping story from me around mid September or a news clipping about two campers that had be rescued from the mildest campsite in Texas.

Quote of the Day:

“I’ve got a few good friends and my bills are paid

I got the moon and stars above and I’ve got it made” – John Anderson

Hottie of the Day:


That’s right, I chose myself. Fred did it a couple of weeks ago and I’m doing it now. It’s called confidence ever heard of it?

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  1. Woo! Looking good, DB!


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