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Talking alcohol with a pharmacist, a lot of football, shames of the week and more: The update for July 26

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Conversation with my pharmacist:
Me: Can I drink on this medicine
Him: Absolutely not
Me: No as in… it’ll enhance my buzz no… or I’ll die no?
Him: You’ll vomit profusely and possible black out
*Thoughts to myself: sounds like my usual Saturday evening*
Me: Fair enough, thanks


Let’s all ignore the fact that Walgreens is fully aware of my alcohol problem. I saved my liver this weekend so no cool stories for y’all.

Anyway, let’s get sportsy!

Soccer Matters: I can’t start this post without congratulating the Dynamo on their first road game win of the season on Saturday. This is kind of a big deal if you’re a Houston soccer fan. The Dynamo owned D.C. 3-1. For more game recaps and highlights check out Victor’s page. Or sexy Glenn’s twitter. Glenn loves soccer.

Love for LeVeon: The current situation in Pittsburgh is better than the last season of The Real Housewives. Two words: LeVeon Bell. The Steelers are set to appear at camp tomorrow. Will Bell show up? Probably not. Does it really matter? Depends on how you view the situation. Personally, I feel like showing up to camp proves your dedication and work ethic. Bell recently tweeted “I guess I just gotta get better.”.Step 1 to getting better? Show up to work.

So, should running backs get paid more money? I mean, they take a hell of a beating to their body, perhaps more than almost any other player on the field. A part of me says yes… Taking into consideration 2 key factors:

1) The team and offensive scheme.
2) The ranking the RB produces

If you have a top 3 back in the league, PAY that kid. Otherwise, let him play out. (Here’s where the old school me kicks in) I learned a long time ago that it’s nothing to throw a mediocre back in and still watch a team flourish… With the right weapons, at least. Look at the NYG… does anyone even KNOW the name of the kid they claimed as an RB last season? (See: actual text between me and one of my friends who happens to be a diehard Giants fan).


They still won 11 games and SHOULD have taken the division. Why? Because they have an amazing group of elite receivers, a few guys that can half ass block… oh, and that washed up QB. What’s his name?

Wrapping this up, the Steelers have an impeccable offense. Let’s be honest though, LeVeon is the icing on the cake. And we all know the icing is the best part. I’m willing to pay extra for that. So… skip camp, protest, smoke your weed… whatever you have to do “Juice” just make sure Week 1 you’re on the field. In the meantime, I suppose we can all go download his new mixtape?


Shameless plug: You won’t want to miss today’s Blitz at 4 p.m. Three full hours of RJ Bell? Yes, please.

What a better way to start off today’s shames than with your Dallas Cowgirls. Am I the only one who laughs every time an ESPN alert from Dallas goes off? 10 out of 9 times (Yes, you read that right) it’s a criminal update. The rook was found not guilty of domestic violence. Yay. Go team.

Shame bell No. 1


But wait, there’s more. Dallas released Lucky Whitehead earlier this week for missing a court date… on a theft charge…………… But you guys recruit criminals on a weekly basis? Theft > Domestic violence allegations? Right.

Shame bell No. 2


Another oldie but personal fav… You guessed it, he’s from Florida. Who shows up to see their probation officer in a stolen car? I love this guy. He shows real effort.

Shame bell No. 3


Quote… Lyric of the Day: “I got this money and these people mad I brag, huh
That’s why you mad”. -Juice (LeVeon Bell)

Something tells me LeVeon will be playing this song next season when he lands that well deserved, highest paid RB contract…

Hottie of the Day: Demi Lovatodl.jpg

…Because she has absolutely nothing to do with today’s post but I have a creepy girl crush obsession with her.

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