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Jalen Preston commits to Texas A&M


Saturday, my long-time friend Derrick Preston invited to his son (Jalen Preston) commit day.  Jalen kept it close to vest which is unusual currently in this era of leaks.

ABC 13, lots of friends and family, current and former teammates were in attendance.  As 3 p.m. approached, everyone was directed to come inside to get ready for Jalen’s announcement.  At 3 p.m. on the nose, ABC 13 went live and Jalen Preston donned a Texas A&M ballcap and the crowd erupted.

Jalen began playing football with the Fresno Gators, Nolan Ryan Middle School and Manvel High School.  Jalen is entering his senior season at Manvel High as a 4 Star wide receiver.

In addition, Jalen’s teammate Brian Johnson (Linebacker/Safety) also committed to Texas A&M and he was in attendance as well.  He committed earlier.  He and Jalen have been together from Pop Warner to Manvel.  How badass is that?


Texas A&M has one hell of an athlete.  I watched Jalen play at 8 years old in Pop Warner Football and I could clearly see the kid had it.   His heart never stops on the football field.  If there were a time he was not on the football field, I was shocked.  Jalen is a special kid.


Special props to Jalen’s Parents Derrick and Shayla Preston who are also former Texas athletes.  I witnessed years of their commitment to Jalen’s sports interest.  Not only did Derrick and Shayla stay on his ass in sports but they also enforced education.

This day and age, it’s imperative to stay in your kid’s ass 24/7 because it’s very easy in Houston Proper to get caught up in foolishness.

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