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Daryl Morey, get over it! Keuchel goes off, Solomon’s dilemma and more: The update for Aug. 4


Of the Big 3 Sports franchises in Houston (Texans, Astros, Rockets) I find the Rockets and their fans to be the most sensitive.

Not only are the Rockets management and fans sensitive but they are annoying. They remind me of the Dallas Cowboys.  Legacy teams who have not won anything in my adult life but still covet their “glory” days.   The only difference, I do not hear Cowboy’s management bitching like Houston.

When I talk about the Rocket’s management being sensitive, two events stand out.

  1. Rockets CEO Tad Brown complained about TNT’s Broadcast Crew. Tad felt Charles Barkley and crew were too mean or unfair to the Rockets
  2. The Rockets were playing the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Playoffs, and Josh Innes (Sports Talk 790 Host) wore a Thunder T Shirt. Rocket’s management got pissy.  Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey addressed Josh’s shirt during an interview on Josh’s Show.

I have a preconceived notion of what the Rockets are so this next situation didn’t surprise me at all.  Below, Daryl Morey in a phone interview shared his thoughts on MVP and Awards.

“I don’t know if this is a good process,” Morey told The Crossover. “The ones that are decided by players or executives or media, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I honestly don’t think there’s a good process. You could argue for eliminating the awards altogether. I don’t really see a good way to do it that doesn’t have major issues. I like clean answers. If there’s not going to be a set criteria and there’s going to be issues with how it’s structured, for me it might be better to not have it.”

Although I agree with him, it looks like more crybaby whining from the Rockets.  Get over it already!  No wonder the Rocket’s fans are delusional because the management acts like petulant toddlers too.

They cried all through the ending of the regular season and playoffs about the MVP Award.  They should have been more focused on beating a Kawhi Leonardless Spurs than some personal award.

More Thoughts

Jerome Solomon’s Potential Dilemma  – As Jerome filled in for AJ Hoffman with Fred Faour on The Blitz, I looked at the Texan’s Schedule and begin thinking.  If the Astros are good as we think and they go deep in the playoffs, there are a few Sundays the Astros and Texans may share a date.  Jokingly, my question to Jerome, if the Texans and the Astros play on the same day at the same time in October, which one would you cover?

Dallas Keuchel Pouty – Astro pitcher Dallas Keuchel was disapointed about the Astros not acquiring more help. He voiced it to the media.  Keuchel is no stranger to blasting the team; last year he blasted players.  Keuchel has been out for two months, I much prefer someone who has been playing all year to make the comments he made.  FYI, Keuchel lost the game to the Tampa Rays immediately after his comments.

Bill O’Brien’s Offense – While everyone is overjoyed with the addition of DeShaun Watson, I’m not.  I am happy we have DeShaun but I wish someone would ask O’Brien, what is he doing different because I think A lot of the Texans offensive problems, starts with him.

University of Texas Head Coach Tom Herman has gone total mafioso –  Tom or University of Texas do not want the media standing behind him.

Dear HBO Hackers,

Please do not leak any Game Of Thrones shows until after next year




“The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche



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