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Texans Q&A: You play to win the game!

Players will define their own role on the team this preseason.

Answers by Brien O’Donal

Question from Stephen:

How long do you think it will be before D’Onta Foreman surpasses Alfred Blue as the #2 running back?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Foreman is the #2 back at the start of the regular season. There is enough tape on Blue to know who he is in this offense and Forman’s upside may earn him more carries by week 1.

Question from Matt:

Why would you start a rookie, learning both offense and players over a vet who knows both on a playoff team?

I’m going to assume this is a question about the Savage/Watson debate. To give you a direct answer, you start who ever gives you the best chance to win. The Texans are in the business of winning football games and it doesn’t matter how long a player has been in the league. “Just win, baby!”

Question from Barton:

If the Texans defense ends up looking like it did last night for the rest of the preseason will Romeo Crennel take back over calling the plays?

It’s too soon to start thinking about Crennel pulling back the play calling duties. The preseason is meant to test players in the base packages. I could see the defense playing this way the rest of the preseason regardless of who calls the plays. It’s all about players stepping up and showing why they belong on the roster. Longtime sportswriter Vic Ketchman used to always say: “Players, not plays.”

Question from Barton:

Watson played almost 3 quarters last night. Do you think this trend will continue throughout the preseason to get him prepared to take over sometime this season?

Good question. I think last night’s playing time was probably more about getting plenty of tape on Watson so that the coaches can better evaluate him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the field longer than Savage in the second game and then a more even split the last two games.

Question from Homero:

My prediction is 10-6, potentially 12-4. Possible?

Anything is possible, including 2-14. But let’s just watch the games and hope they make the playoffs.

Question from Homero:

Apart from the focal point on our team (Clowney, Watt, Hopkins), who do you think will make a name for themselves this season?

That is what’s so great about the NFL, you never know who will make a name for themselves any given season. I’ll give you a player on each side of the ball that might fit your criteria. Offensively I think D’Onta Foreman could be that guy. Lamar Miller had a great year in 2016, but had to carry a lot of the load. If Foreman can adapt quickly to the speed of the NFL I think he will see plenty of carries in tough running situations. Those can be the difference in sustaining drives and controlling the clock. Defensively I can’t wait to see Benardrick McKinney. He had a breakout season last year but was still a little overshadowed by some of his defensive peers. I believe if he takes another big step forward he will define this defense more than the great pass rushers. A lot of great defenses where anchored by playmakers at the middle linebacker position.



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