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Sports stuff, racism is problematic, and I tried something new (it backfired) – The update for Aug. 15

CHARLOTTE, NC - AUGUST 09: Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans rolls out against the Carolina Panthers during the preseason game at Bank of America Stadium on August 9, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Happy Tuesday friends!

The Texans first preseason game was last Tuesday. I’m sure by now we’ve all read all the write-ups we can physically stomach. Between the sweet Chronicle slide-shows, talk radio, and blogs the entire thing has been pretty well deconstructed. A couple biscuit bites though – 1) The offensive line is literally going to be so bad that if they start Tom Savage we won’t have to gripe too long about Watson coming in because Savage will likely be injured within the first quarter of the first game. So I hope Deshaun Watson is ready to play. 2) I said I was concerned about the secondary and I still am. 3) I am actually in love with D’Onte Foreman. We get another taste of football on Saturday against the Patriots and maybe the Texans can actually win a game. Though I doubt it.

Should we hit the panic button for the Astros? They lost again last night behind ok pitching. The bats have gone completely dormant and I’m concerned. I guess when you’re 72-46 with an 11 game lead on the next closest team in the division you’re fine. But the Astros have gone 3-7 in their last 10 games and I think they could definitely get bounced in the first round of the playoffs if they don’t figure something out at pitcher. Read our weekly wrap-up HERE.

Quick Charlottesville opinion and I never thought would be polarizing – Racism is not good. White supremacists are garbage human beings who inexplicably believe that white people are superior to all other races. I mean these losers were marching through the streets with Tiki Torches. They forced TIKI Brand Products (the most docile of all leisure products) to issue a statement disavowing racism.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 9.20.42 AM.png

Not my kind of luau.


But apparently these days everyone is so divided that if I look at you and say Nazis are problematic, a completely normal thought for some people to have is “yeah, but what about Black Lives Matter!”. So I’m gonna clear something up that I honestly can’t believe is this difficult for people to understand: These spineless alt-right cowards are such pathetic losers that they actually believe they’re being discriminated against and they are terrified of losing a foothold in the current power structure, so they incite violence and hatred by attacking groups that ARE actually discriminated against. Groups like Black Lives Matter on the other hand, sparked out of a necessity to bring attention to the issue of police brutality and unfair treatment of minorities by people in power – there are occasionally violent outbursts at events, but the group is not inherently violent. It’s not “both sides”. If you say that you’re an asshole. And maybe the President.

The toxicology reports are in on Tiger Woods and he had pretty much every single drug in his body when he was arrested. Mixing anything with Xanax is a recipe for disaster – I once took two (legally prescribed of course) Xanax and accidentally drank a beer and the next thing I knew I was waking up in a different outfit at my friend’s house trying to understand why there was puke in my hair. And I’m pretty sure mixing Dilaudid with Vicodin is redundant since they do the same exact thing.

I tried to be fancy and it backfired: My friends and my guy wanted to take me out to celebrate my new job and picking the restaurant was up to me. Little double date action on a Saturday night like I’m a normal cool person and not a single mom staring down 30 living in a crappy apartment working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Anyway, I procrastinated for three weeks picking the restaurant, a move that’s very on brand for your girl Disco. We’re driving up to Livingston to go fishing and I remember I have to pick a restaurant. So I bust out the old Yelper and start just zooming around the city looking for somewhere none of us have probably been. I wanted to find something between our two abodes, that wasn’t TOO expensive, but also wasn’t trash, and a place I thought none of us had been.  I settled on a place I had heard advertised once or twice – Bosscats Kitchen and Libations. In hindsight, I should have known this would be a disaster when I saw that word “libations.”Rich people consume libations, poor people like me and my friends just drink drinks. So I obviously don’t make a reservation because I’m an idiot. We show up to an hour wait. The parking lot is full of Corvettes, and Fararris. My boyfriend drives a Ford and was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of James Franco’s face on it, and our friends were in their Honda Accord and flip flops. We were clearly out of place. The thing about Bosscats is it’s a place for rich people – the bathrooms were the floor to ceiling single stalls, and there was a DJ playing – at 7:30 pm. Also, a well vodka cost $11. So if you go to Bosscats make sure you’re dressed in actual going out of your house clothes, make a reservation, and maybe Uber unless you happen to own a fancy car.

Quote of the Day:

“Nazi’s are bad people” – me

Hottie of the Day:


Sleeves. *Heart eyes emoji*


1 Comment on Sports stuff, racism is problematic, and I tried something new (it backfired) – The update for Aug. 15

  1. Flip flop king // August 16, 2017 at 4:35 am // Reply

    Second that on bosscat. Def not flip flop material – still – had a good time and was treated well.


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