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Shaun King profits from racism

By Lamont Mann

Yesterday, ESPN conducted a fantasy draft auction.  I actually had no idea at the time because honestly, I do not watch ESPN. In an extremely controversial turn of events later that morning, Shaun King tweeted the following:


There are real racial problems in America:

  • Minorities being overlooked in the job market
  • Minorities not receiving home and business loans
  • The strained relationship between law enforcement & minorities
  • Minorities being restricted to ghettos by the government

We actually have real racism issues out there, and Shaun is out chasing bullshit Fantasy Football Auctions. In other words, he is the absolute worst. What’s next??

  • Government drives black vehicles?
  • Trump wears black shoes?
  • The sun is attracted to dark colors?

193609I hate people who profit from racism.  They clearly aren’t trying to solve anything – it’s either a joke to them, or they’re driven by cold, hard cash (most likely the latter).  In all fairness, King has covered a lot of key racial issues. But apparently, he’s now to the point to going out of his way to make anything and everything about race.

It’s obvious that King does not want to help black people – he just wants to get paid.  If the idea of racism just magically “disappeared,” he and plenty more would be ass out of luck.  He and his minions have been much more of a disservice to the African American race than a helping hand. In all of these frivolous stories of racism, they have, essentially, made it snooze material.

As a black man who was born and raised in one of the roughest areas of Houston (Sunnyside/South Park), I have no respect for a lot of these twitter activists, as well as suburban kids with no factual knowledge of the “’hood.” Their whole depiction of “black” is rooted in movies and in television. Obviously, their “hood card” was earned while watching Boyz N The Hood or Menace II Society.

One major thing I’ve noticed is that these so-called “Social Justice Warriors” and Twitter activists alike will easily call out others for racism.

So let’s ask them…

What are your employer’s demographics??    [crickets]


Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is your weekly Friday updater, and also weighs in on a variety of subjects throughout the week. Former military man, UH Grad. Follow him on Twitter: @sportsmedialm


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