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Astros vs. previous World Series champs, Hard Knocks is actually good, hottest female athlete ever and…Stuff! The Aug. 17 update.



NERD ALERT! I’m about to go all stats dork on you!

Unless this is your first visit to the site, or you’ve been asleep the last month or so, then talking about the Astros struggles should come as no surprise to you. The good news is they are showing signs of getting out of it. Including last night’s thumping of the Arizona Diamondbacks at Minute Maid Park 9-5, they have won 3 of their last 4 games and scored 18 runs in their last 2 wins. And while it’s perfectly normal to panic when things go south, it’s also good to keep in mind that the last 3 World Series champions have had some pretty ugly stretches of baseball in their own right.

Neal Farmer touched on it in his article on Monday, but I wanted to expand on it a bit more, so I looked at each schedule for the last 3 World Series champions (Cubs, Royals and Giants). So let’s take a look at those first and then compare that to this year’s Astros.

2016 CUBS

Month W L
April 17 5
May 18 10
June 16 12
July 12 14
August 22 6
September 17 10

1 month (July) below .500
Bad stretch of note:
Went 5-15 from June 20-July 9


Month W L
April 15 7
May 14 12
June 15 11
July 17 11
August 19 9
September 11 17

1 month (September) below .500
Bad stretches of note:
Went 2-9 from May 24-June 6
Went 7-14 from Aug 30-Sept 22


Month W L
April 9 13
May 21 9
June 12 14
July 14 10
August 13 16
September 14 13

3 months (April, June, August) below .500
Bad stretches of note:
Went 5-18 from June 9-July 4
Lost 6 in a row July 24-29
Went 2-7 Aug 5-15
Went 3-8 Sept 13-24


Month W L
April 16 9
May 22 7
June 16 11
July 15 9
August 4 10

1 month (August) below .500
Bad stretches of note:
Went 4-8 from June 6-18
Went 5-13 from July 26-Aug14

Of the three previous champions, the Cubs had the cleanest overall season, going just 2 games below .500 one time. The Giants had the most months below .500 with 3.

So, as you can see from the above data, what the Astros are going through is no different than what the 3 previous World Series champions have gone through.

If you need a refresher on when it’s OK to panic, please refer to this post.


If you’re not watching Hard Knocks, you should give it a look. I’m actually enjoying it this year (not that I didn’t enjoy it last year), but has definitely given me a newfound respect for Jameis Winston; especially his abilities as a leader. I’m also enjoying the features on Gerald McCoy and Riley “Joe Dirt” Bullough.

Watching them cut Roberto Aguayo was interesting too. Not from the actual cut perspective, but more watching Tampa Bay GM Jason Licht talk with head coach Dirk Koetter about the decision, knowing the backlash he’s going to face having drafted Aguayo in the 2nd round just one year prior (2016).


This ball on balls crime has to crack the top five worst “first pitches” in MLB history, right? I mean, he hit ol’ boy in the balls!

– Everybody wants to be gangster, until it’s time to do gangster shit. Like this guy who got chased during the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” bullshit and then claimed he was only being a white supremacist “for fun”.

– Some dude named Dontralle Brown Reed thinks legendary H-Town rapper Bun B is a Houston sports jinx, so he started a petition to have him banned. No, seriously.

– Who dat think it’s just a bruise? The New Orleans Saints had to fire their team orthopedists because they can’t tell the difference between a bruise and a fracture.

– The transcript from the Martin Shkreli juror selection is out and it’s freaking hilarious! Here are 2 of the best (as posted in the article on Spin):

First, juror #59:

and then juror #144 for the win!MartinShkreli2


“The only thing I’d be impartial about is what prison this guy goes to” – Juror #10



Meet Alex Kraemer. The fact that she played college soccer means she goes down (in my book) as perhaps the hottest female athlete of all time. See more on here Instagram, here.

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  1. Barry your articles never disappoint, and always give a good laugh. Keep up the good work!


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