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America’s reaction to statue removal is stupid, a sex festival, QB news and more: The update for Aug. 18


I hate faux outrage.   America (social media) is on a new crusade of removing statues that are associated with racism.  I am not going to get into the details of Robert E. Lee and the stupidity of Charlottesville, VA.

There’s a whole lot of stupid demonstrated by everyone.  I’ve asked myself, when was the last time a statue affected my life?   Statues are as relevant in my life as that open space between my asshole and genitals.

Growing up in Sunnyside, we had an MLK statue in a neighborhood park.   When we needed to piss, take a wild guess who got the golden shower.

One set of idiots are acting like removing a statue will solve racism while another group of idiots claims they are protecting history.  It’s a damn statue! It’s an inanimate object.   Anyone who chooses to leave their home to protest or defend statues are not getting ass.

Removing a statue is not going to remove hate.  Do you really want to wipe out racist history or just fell warm and fuzzy?  If we go down this road, we will have to remove

  • Black Sir Names
  • Street Names
  • Democrat and Republican Party
  • And oh yea, white people

On the other side, Donald Trump needs to shut up.  He is not calming the nation, he’s inciting more outrage.  I am not sure who’s advising him but he’s not bringing any levity to this situation.

Statue gate is lame.

The most interesting aspect of this whole fiasco: I have not seen “White on White” crime mentioned at all in media.


Sex Festival – WOW but I am so happy  I am mature now.

Thad Lewis to the Baltimore Ravens – QUICK, rage. I cannot lie, when I heard this, I busted out laughing.  I laughed because I wondered how the Kaepernickers would rationalize a black dude getting a third string job over a biracial.  Even more funny, they all think Kaepernick would accept  a third string job.

Tom Brady compliments DeShaun WatsonHe likes me, he really likes me.  Jesus Christ, you would have thought the Texans signed Tom Brady the way some in local media covered this.


“Education is no substitute for intelligence.”
― Frank Herbert









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