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Did the Night King set a dragon trap or was this bad writing?

Beyond the Wall was a good episode – but it left a few unanswered questions.  I specifically want to key on the intent of Night King.

Some believe that the Night King and White Walkers specifically set a trap to capture one of Dany’s dragon. This theory does make sense, and possibly explains the sudden possession of ice spears that we’ve never seen before and commercial air craft carrier anchor chain links.  I definitely questioned the chain links – but others have posed the thought that the White Walkers could have sought out the chain links (none of which we got to see), and then returned to pull out the frozen dragon.

The theory sounds cool… until you ask yourself, “How in the hell would the Night King even know the sequence of events beforehand in order to be that prepared?” The only logical explanation is the Night King is a greenseer. Bran, who is currently occupied by the Three Eyed Raven, is labeled a greenseer.  The show would have you believe a greenseer can only observe the past.  I researched the term and discovered that they have more abilities.

Greenseer is the title given to people who possess the magical ability to perceive future, past or distant events in dreams known as Green Dreams. According to legend, greenseers were much respected by the Children of the Forest.

It’s a stretch, but let’s assume the Night King is a Greenseer and can perceive the future.

Is the Night King dumb or just wanting to show off his Olympic javelin throwing skills?   Drogon and Daenery’s (Mother of dragons) was stationary within proximity.  Drogon is the alpha and biggest dragon.  If you kill Daenerys, it’s a major victory because the dragons wouldn’t be under her control.  Faced with killing Drogon or Daenerys or possibly both, the Night King decides to throw a popsicle at a moving dragon in the sky?  However, it didn’t stop there, after Daenerys and Drogon take off with their newly acquired crew, the Night King wanted to show the world his javelin skills are legit and throws a popsicle at them too.


Wouldn’t it have made sense to kill the more powerful dragon of the three while he was boarding passengers and vulnerable?

I rewatched the episode, it felt like a scene was missing.  As stated earlier, it’s a good episode… but if this in fact was a trap by the Night King, then the writing was horrible.

Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is your weekly Friday updater, and also weighs in on a variety of subjects throughout the week. Former military man, UH Grad. Follow him on Twitter: @sportsmedialm

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