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The eclipse, games on a budget, Texans preseason and more. The update for Aug. 22


Yesterday was the first total solar eclipse since 1979 and people all over the country were super excited about it. In Houston, clouds aside we only had about 60% visibility but it was still fun to make the cereal box eclipse viewer with baby biscuit. I’m daily reminded about how lucky we are to be living during this time period. We were able to watch a live stream of the eclipse because it wasn’t very visible from Houston. In 1979 we would have to have waited until the evening news to see something on TV. Also, shout out to everyone freaking out about staring at the sun. Donald Trump stares directly at the sun and he’s president.


I’ve never facepalmed harder in my life than I did at people who truly thought their animals would be in danger of going blind from the eclipse. Hey, idiots – your dog doesn’t care about the eclipse. But here’s a handy graphic for 2024 when we’ll have another one.


Speaking of Donald Trump, if you’re still retweeting his old tweets from 2013 and calling him a hypocrite you’re wasting your time. Do you think he cares? Also do you think a social media campaign using #TrumpResign is going to accomplish anything? Because it won’t, none of this matters. I’m very cynical. At this point every single thing he does is designed to troll the American public and rile people up. I truly believe that. I don’t think he cares at all. Is that bad? Yes. Is that going to change? No.

In case you missed it Lamont questions some inconsistencies in Game of Thrones. I have no issues with plot holes in my TV show about dragons and magic, but that’s just me. I was curious about how Gendrey was able to basically sprint to East Watch under such cold conditions and high altitude. Also, here’s our weekly Astros wrap-up. Here’s my two cents – Sunday’s game was not ideal. Two errors in the top of the first inning resulting in two runs is not a good way to start a baseball game and will probably result in a loss. I also hate when the ‘Stros aren’t scoring. I like high scoring baseball games.

Trying to go to an Astros game on a budget? We aren’t rich over here. But on the weekends we like to go do things. So Sunday we purchased the cheap tickets to an Astros game. The tickets were $9 for the 400 section – absurdly cheap. Also, not a big deal if, like us, you wait until the start of the third inning and make your way down to the 100 section for the rest of the game. One of my favorite things about Minute Maid is that there really isn’t a bad seat to watch some baseball. Also, a major game changer is that at Minute Maid you can bring in one sealed* water bottle and a gallon sized Ziploc bag of food for each person. So we trudged our happy butts up 14 escalators to the top section, watch the Astros give up two errors before they even record a single out and then make our way downstairs.

*fill your bottle up with vodka and twist that cap on super tight – no-one is the wiser.

I watched most of the Texans preseason game against the Patriots. Preseason kills me. I don’t want to get too excited about it but then also it’s football, so how can you not. My main question is how can the Texans (and other NFL teams for that matter) get away with charging the same price for tickets as they do for regular season games? That’s bootleg. They should offer the tickets at discounted rates especially since everyone knows none of the starters are going to play in the first or last preseason game. It’s nearly impossible to go to a football game between the cost of the tickets, parking, concessions. A family of five is looking at $600 for just one game and that’s outlandish.

In the actual game, Tom Savage looked much better than Deshaun Watson who on his first possession looked like a panicked baby deer and scrambled over to the sidelines. His completion percentage wasn’t great either, but keep in mind he’s not practicing with anyone we’ll mistake as elite receivers. He’s clearly more athletic, but we’ll have to see how that translates into the regular season.

D’Onta Foreman though? *Heart eyes emoji*

In other NFL news: 

Odell Beckham sprained his ankle on a hit against the Browns. More players on protesting and their teammates are showing their support in various ways. I like to see athletes using their voices to try and enact change. This is their way to bring awareness to a cause, and I personally don’t understand why people get so bent out of shape about it. I’ve never watched the national anthem on TV before or paid attention to what’s going on on the sidelines during the anthem, but if that’s suddenly so important to people then have at it.

Quote of the Day:

“When the moon covers the sun, we have a solar eclipse. What do you call it when birds do that?” – Kim Young-ha

Hottie of the Day:


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