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Texans Q&A: Someone brought genitals into the conversation

Time of possession will be the key to offensive success.

By Brien O’Donal

I want this to be a forum for fans to ask questions about their team, show their excitement for success or vent about their failure. This is a Houston based website so I expect mostly Texans questions but the floor is open if you cheer for another team. And feel free to ask whatever is on your mind. Not everything about football happens on game day. I hope that as time goes on there will be more submissions and more discussion among the fans all across the city and maybe even beyond.

For the time being, send your questions or comments through Twitter to me @ODonalsVanguard or the Houston Sports & Stuff handle @HOUSportsStuff and I will answer as many as I can.

Now, on to this weeks Q&A

Lamont asks:

Should the Texans trade Duane Brown? If so, what should they be willing to receive?

And right out of the gate I get this one… I’m here to calm your irrational mind. The answer is unequivocally NO! Right now Brown is the only player on the offensive line who has shown he can play to a high standard. He also plays the most important position of that group. This Texans team is trying to add any piece it can to the offensive skill positions to help take the weight off the defense. You remove Brown from that line and you defeat the purpose. But, if you wanted to trade him…I would start by asking for a 3rd round pick to set the bar high (negotiation 101) and settle for the deal that offers me something in the 4th or 5th.

Chris asks:

With Duane Brown missing most of the preseason now, if he does end his holdout, will he be ready mentally and physically for the regular season?

No sweat. Veterans with that many years in the league don’t really need the preseason and training camp anyways. They’re professionals who know how to get their mind and body ready for the grind of an NFL season. If anything, he might be a little better to start the season because he didn’t have to go through the extra contact and travel required for camp and preseason games.

Trey asks:

What is your opinion on the Texans moving their training camp to West Virginia?

I don’t really have an opinion on this. It’s not like the Texans have a lot of traditions rooted in the way they conduct training camp in Houston. Besides, they didn’t spend the entire preseason there. They had two open practices this week. If you didn’t attend them then you probably aren’t too mad about them being in West Virginia anyways.

Fred asks:

Which Texans player is most likely to DM his genitals to some unknown woman?

I’m going to go with the rookie center Kyle Fuller because he went to Baylor and that seems like a very Baylor thing to do.

Jimmy asks:

We all know Watson’s ceiling is way higher than Savage. Why not just play him and let him get some on the job training? Best way in the real world.

Savage has started 2 games. He could probably use some on the job training as well. There’s still two weeks before the coach has to decide who holds the clipboard.

Jordan asks:

Is Ellington the answer?

I like what I saw Saturday but if he was really that talented he wouldn’t have taken the road he did to Houston. Sometimes you have to pump the brakes and wait to see if he can do it again. Hopefully he can add depth to the position and be a solid role player but right now, in week 3 of the preseason; he isn’t the answer.

Art asks:

Which rookie will make the biggest impact on the Texans’ offense this season?

I see what you did. It’s a trap! Look, everyone wants Watson. I get it. But in my mind the rookie with the biggest impact must be D’Onta Foreman. If he isn’t, and the Texans are stuck with Miller and Blue carrying the load for a team that desperately needs to run the ball and control the clock then the Texans’ offense will struggle again. This team is built on defense and for them to stay fresh, the offense has to sustain drives. That is done with the running backs and I can’t see Blue suddenly turning into a solid option behind Miller.

Disco asks:

During the first game, will the announcers talk about Deshaun Watson more or Watt’s comeback?

TV is all about ratings and all the fans want to hear is the name Deshaun Watson. It will be difficult to do if he’s not on the field, but I think they will find ways to work him into the conversation a lot more than J.J.’s comeback.

Chris asks:

The Texans went 2-6 on the road last year. Will they be better on the road this year?

The answer to this will go hand in hand with my statement about Foreman. The Texans have a tough road schedule this year. They are at Cincinnati, New England, Seattle, LA Rams, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Indianapolis. Teams that win on the road are able to take the crowd out of the game by sustaining drives and controlling time of possession. If the Texans can run the ball consistently, they will have a better chance of winning on the road. I think the addition of Foreman will help them do that.

Phil asks:

Curious about the rookie participation this year along the defensive side of the ball. Cunningham out in pass coverage and Watkins pass rushing depths.

The rookies on defense will get their shots. Depth is an issue for the defense and it will be imperative that these guys be ready when their number gets called. I think Cunningham will develop into a star, but like any player adjusting to the speed of the NFL he may need help initially when he is in coverage. Watkins has some promise but if you’re expecting him to be a great pass rusher, don’t. Expect him to do his job on the line holding the point of attack. His pass rushing skills were good in college but he seems like a player who will need time to develop them for the NFL game.

Chris asks:

The AFC South is going to be significantly tougher this year. What’s your prediction for the Texans’ division record?

You’re right, the AFC South should be tougher this year. I don’t like doing these kinds of predictions because there are so many things that happen during the course of the season. At expense of sounding like a broken record, if the Texans run the ball and control the clock they have a chance to win a lot of games. The defense is still that good. If they can win time of possession they can win against teams like the Colts who need Andrew Luck on the field to have a chance. They can beat the Titans by keeping the defense fresh to stop a good running game. They can beat the Jaguars by wearing down a defense that needs to give its offense as many chances as it can. If the Texans do all this, then I predict they will win more games than they lose.







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