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Good whiskey and a happy baby: my Harvey update for 8/27/17

I’m riding out the storm the best way I know how.

Jealous much?

By Brien O’Donal

It’s hurricane day 3 and this seems to be the one we’ve been dreading. I have been watching several hours of news reports filled with the doom and gloom we need to make sure we understand how bad this really is. I want to start by saying, so far I have been lucky. There has been a lot of rain, but no flooding. I am wishing for the best for everyone out there. Please heed the warnings. Turn around, don’t drown; but if you do turn around don’t drive too far the wrong way. That’s pretty dangerous too. Really, just don’t drive.

Harvey Tweet

BUTI want to try and brighten the day of anyone who can read this. So here is a Sunday hurricane update. I’ll bet you smile at least a little by the end of this post.

In sports news: I never claimed to be smart, only brave. If you weren’t aware, last night was the long awaited McGregor/Mayweather fight. I live in the Woodlands and was invited to a watch party in Humble. Weather be damned! It held off enough Saturday that everyone who was invited was able to be there. I’m just really glad this hurricane didn’t make me look completely stupid for going.

However; we missed the actual end of the fight because all of the emergency alerts. One of which was airing during the final moments. We kept hoping all night that we wouldn’t come back from one of them to see the fight over. Our wish was not granted. It was still a good fight though.

I really thought Conor McGregor boxed a lot better than expected. He didn’t quite look like a boxer though. There were a lot of moments I thought he would be disqualified for hits to the back of the head. But I also thought that wasn’t completely his fault. I saw early on that Mayweather seemed like he was willing to win any way he could by continually turning his back on McGregor, basically setting him up to hit him in the back of the head. No one should be too shocked that Mayweather would try to set him up like that.

I was really surprised it lasted into the 10th, that had to be a sign that McGregor stuck to his strategy and in the end it kept him from looking like a complete fish out of water. In the end his endurance wouldn’t hold up and the fight was called before Mayweather could put his lights out.

I’m riding out the storm with whiskey. If you noticed the picture at the top of this article, you saw three types of whiskey: Buffalo Trace, Bushmill’s Black Bush, and High West Campfire. I figured that there was about a 100% chance I would be stuck inside this weekend and I wanted to make sure I could enjoy it to the fullest.

  1. Buffalo Trace–I shouldn’t have to say much about this bourbon. One of the best values for about $25-30 and something I like to keep in my cabinet as often as possible.
  2. Bushmill’s Black Bush–Irish whiskey never disappoints and Black Bush might just be the best in the $25-30 range. I love putting it in my tea in the morning to start the weekend and the great flavor goes well for an afternoon drink. It’s what is currently in my glass while I am writing.
  3. High West Campfire–This is the bottle I have to be wary of. I have had the straight rye from High West before and it was really damn good. But this Campfire blended whiskey is absolutely amazing. I worry I will try to drink the bottle in one sitting. It’s in the $55-65 range, but if you want to spend a little more you absolutely won’t be disappointed.

When this storm is over and you’re looking to have a drink to acknowledge its end, you can’t go wrong with any of these three. But seriously, try the High West Campfire before I buy every bottle in the city.

Before I go, here’s my giggling baby. Smile!

Yeah, I am enjoying my son and his happiness while stuck inside for the storm. Today he did this for the first time:



Be Safe out there everyone! I want to see you all right back here next week for all the hijinks Houston Sports & Stuff has coming your way!


Quote of the day:

Blame it on the rain– Milli Vanilli

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