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How can you help with Hurricane Harvey? A little baseball talk and Kim Jong Un is still at it! The update for Aug. 29

It seems almost crazy to be going through the motions as usual, writing my update for Houston Sports and Stuff. Right now, thousands of Houstonians are sleeping in shelters, or hotels, or friends and families houses unsure of when they’ll be able to get back and assess the damage to the their homes. My apartment is fine, but I’ve been stuck at my boyfriend’s for so long I think I’m going to trick him into letting Baby Biscuit and I move in. I talked to an elderly man at the George R Brown yesterday who said his house was completely destroyed in 2001, and he was sure it was gone now. The water was up to his waist when he and his visiting daughter evacuated the home Sunday night. However, this storm is a punk if it thinks it can keep us down. There are so many donations pouring into the convention center right now they had to set up multiple staging areas to take it all. If you have the means, because I know so many of us are stuck in this thing, and can safely get to one of these shelters, they need your help. You can also register to volunteer with the red cross if you’re so inclined. Also, JJ Watt set up a fundraising page for the disaster as has the city of Houston. I think it’s pretty funny that people trust JJ Watt so much they’ve already donated over a million dollars, not even knowing where the money will go.

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While we’re talking money, I didn’t care for this tweet from Darren Rovell. I’m sure in his mind he was just “keeping a running tally of donations”. But it really comes off as money shaming in a time of crisis for the city. Everyone knows the Texans are a service driven and generous football club, my guess is they have other things in the works. Also, what the hell who cares?! People have lost everything in this flood. EVERYTHING.

The Astros will be playing their upcoming three game series against the Rangers at Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays. The only reason I’m upset that the Rangers wouldn’t let the Astros switch home and homes is that there might be Houstonians in Arlington who would have loved the break from thinking about their city underwater to go see a baseball game. But ultimately, I think people are looking for more reasons to be mad. The Astros brought a couple home for the city last week, check out our weekly wrap up and get your mind off of the storm.

In other news, that psychotic baby man, Kim Jong Un is at it again! This time, firing a missile over Japan that actually broke into a bunch of pieces. I don’t understand why we can’t do something about this guy. Also, I heard he was on steroids which is hilarious. That can’t be true. Oh wait, oh no…. it is? Maybe?

In case you missed it, our friend Brien shares how it went for his first Houston flood with a baby.

That’s all for me today folks, going to try and attempt to get home at some point. The bayou is notorious for flooding at Allen Parkway and Studemont, so I’ve been stuck on the north side of Memorial for like four days. Prince Charming is fine, albeit a little skittish. My thoughts are with each and every one of you!

Quote of the Day 

“Tough times never last, but tough people do” – Robert H. Schuller

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