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Hurricane survival on the Gulf Coast, random NFL thoughts and more: The update for Aug. 30

Editor’s note: Our good friend Holly XO managed to do her update on her phone without internet. Gotta love the enthusiasm…


This update isn’t going to be awesome because 1) I’m writing this during a hurricane 2) Refer back to line 1. If this makes it to you guys…

Here’s me trying…

A Page From Holly’s Diary: It’s currently 7:39 a.m. and I decided it’s time to draw my eyebrows on again. They went missing after Saturday’s beginning rage from Harvey. I figure I don’t have anything else to do since we’ve been under evacuation but have nowhere to go. It’s kind of like when you accidentally turn down a dead end street…. except here in Galveston county both sides of the street are dead ends. And kind of moist. I’ve also just been sitting in my panties for the past few days since my dumbass decided my laptop & Eagles gear deserved priority in my one emergency hurricane bag over pants. *sigh.* Yet another failed attempt at adulting by yours truly. I hope I could make you guys laugh for a minute… if you just smiled and pictured me in my panties, you’re creepy. (Creepers are my favorite anyway).

I haven’t been able to watch any sports since the Texans game (again blame Harvey)…

The excitement was almost unbearable counting down the moments until the Texans vs. Saints game. I mean who doesn’t just love these two amazingly talented teams? *side eye* Here’s my Week 3 pre season breakdown on your Houston Texans:

1. OBrien must be stopped. He’s calling all of the shots in Houston and he blows. If I can predict every play before you call it, there’s a problem. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a football guru but challenge me Bill. Come on.

2. This O Line is disgusting. In fact, Savage doesn’t look as bad as everyone makes him out to be. He’s no stud that’s for sure BUT look who’s blocking for him. I’ll wait…

3. 9-7

Trades & Updates: My Eagles traded our long snapper to the Saints……. for a 7th round pick. You really have to dislike someone to give them up for THAT. I’ll be nice and keep quiet on this one.

The Lions extend Stafford’s contract for $135 mil…. Meanwhile I’m checking what’s left of my bank account to see if I can afford movies on my phone before pay day.

The Jets…. never mind. It doesn’t even matter.

Not So Sportsy: I live in Galveston county and I’d like to vent to you guys about our government. First, I just want to say… a huge thank you for NOTHING to the governor of Texas and your President. (I don’t claim Presidents that I didn’t vote for). It took these guys a whole FOUR days to give the okay to the national guard to come in and send help to my neighbors in Dickinson. FOUR days. I got to watch my friends lose everything and wait to be rescued. And guess who saved them? The amazing citizens here. Their neighbors, volunteers and brave NORMAL people acting out of pure kindness. If we waited for the governments help, hundreds would be dead. Thankfully for Trump, Texas handles up and takes care of our own. Thank you to the volunteers and our friends next door in Louisiana who’ve been saving lives all weekend here. You guys are the real heroes.

Quote of the Day: “Pray for Texas.” – my entire Instagram newsfeed

Hottie of the Day:


The great state of Texas deserves this greatness…

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2 Comments on Hurricane survival on the Gulf Coast, random NFL thoughts and more: The update for Aug. 30

  1. #TexasStrong! Glad we survived, remind me to give you Eagles sweats!


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