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The Astros have finally landed Justin Verlander

It’s official. The Astros just addressed their biggest flaw that would potentially keep them from going all the way: another strong starting pitcher.

Literally, at the stroke of midnight (eastern), the Astros got the deal done, acquiring Verlander from the Tigers with Detroit getting three Astros prospects: Franklin Perez, Daz Cameron, and Jake Rodgers.

Following the development of the trade on Twitter was literally the most comic relief I have had since Harvey came through. The news came out about 15 minutes before the deadline, and the balloon of excitement inflated faster than anything I’ve ever seen. Just as fast as it inflated, it popped when a source said that Verlander blocked the trade via his no-trade clause. Then, the glorious news came through just after 11 PM Central that the deal was, in fact, done.

This is huge for the Astros as they make their way towards the playoffs. This is how I see the rotation panning out

  1. Keuchel
  2. Verlander
  3. McCullers (when he returns from DL)
  4. McHugh
  5. Morton

This means Peacock moves back to the bullpen at some point, along with Fiers.

That rotation is playoff-level dangerous when they are healthy and throwing their best stuff. The prospects the Astros gave up, though they are strong, does not hinder this currently potent offense in any way like if they had given up a Bregman-level player. The Astros no doubt will have agreed to pick up some of Verlander’s contract as well.

When it mattered most, the Astros pulled the trigger and got it done, and it could win them a championship this year. I love it.

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