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Sports, fantasy sports, and stuff! The update for September 5th.

On Sunday, the Houston Sports and Stuff team held our first fantasy football draft. I’d like to point out that I have never participated in fantasy football so this is a first for me. We’ll see how the year plays out, but here’s a rundown of Team Disco Balls:


In our 12 team league there are four women, which I actually think is quite impressive. Me, Swan, Shannon, and Holly are holding it down for female sports fans across Houston! Also, sorry NOT SORRY Swan for taking Drew Brees before you had a chance to pick him up. I heard he was good, so I went for it. Also, I’m concerned because my defense was a result of the kids whining to go to the park so I had to autodraft the last couple of rounds.

JJ Watt has now raised $19.6 million for Harvey relief. That’s insane. I keep thinking that the number will stop, but I absolutely believe he can raise $25-30 million now. Now that the flood waters have receded from many of the homes along the bayous, there are lots of ways to help your neighbors. BLM Houston and Rebuild Houston are both organizing on Facebook. You can also donate to any of the myriad funds that have been set up across the city. If you want to donate ITEMS, use this link to find out what shelters and distribution centers in your area are still in need. There are other ways to make a difference also. For example, thousands of animals have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey. I know many people are scrambling to find their lost pets, but there are only so many places to put them. Adopting a dog from one of the Houston area shelters frees up space for a Harvey animal. And don’t forget about our neighbors to the west. Many of them won’t be able to even get back into their homes for another couple of weeks, so let’s keep this momentum moving!

The Texans play their first game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, September 10th, and Bill O’Brien confirmed yesterday that the game will be played in Houston! I have no doubt that the city is going to rally around this team. The Astros have done great things this baseball season, but Houston will always be a football town first, I can’t wait for game one! The Texans released their 53-man roster and I wasn’t super surprised by much except them cutting Nick Novak. I have admittedly not been as plugged in as recent years, but he was a great asset last season. I was sad to see Akeem Hunt go, though even if he wasn’t a huge impact player. I liked his contributions on special teams last season. Wasn’t surprised to see David Quessenberry cut. His story is amazing – beating cancer to get back out on the football field after three years. However, he was a late round draft choice who wasn’t very good before he got sick. The Texans hope to bring him back on the practice squad. I’d like to see him stick around with the team.

The Astros have now won five straight baseball games and are perfect in September! Catch up with the team in our weekly wrap-up where our friend Chris also discusses the games and the Verlander trade. Yey!

Brock Osweiler was cut from the BROWNS of all teams! He was then picked up by the Broncos as their third string quarterback. This video made me laugh so hard I nearly cried. And then it made me actually cry when I remembered all the times he threw interceptions directly to the other team’s secondary.

Quote of the Day:

“We’ve got seventy dollars and we got a pair of girls underpants. We’re safe as kittens!” – Sixteen Candles.

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