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Gambling guide week 2: The NFL is back and Kate Upton has come home

Editor’s note: Jay is a talented and avid gambler who will be providing weekly plays. He spent much of his week rescuing people from flood waters near his home, so forgive him for being a little behind. Follow him on Twitter @jayoff288  (Be sure to make your plays at


Please do not forget about Hurricane Harvey and the devastation that Hurricane Irma is about to cause. I am running insurance claims (adjusting) 18 hours a day and still can not get to everyone that needs help. These storms are terrible, and I urge you to please give/donate whatever you can. People are hurting and we should continue to rally around one another. 

Recapping last week we ended up 1-3.

YTD Record (1-3) (-$85)
Wyoming +12 @ Iowa (L) It was 7-3 with 25 seconds left in the 2nd quarter when the punter dropped the ball on the 30 yard line. Iowa scores a touchdown on the next play. Josh Allen looked terrible.
Florida State +7 @ Alabama (Neutral site game) (L)
 Florida State ML +225 ($25) (L) 7-3 game in the 3rd. Blocked punt and Alabama gets the ball on the 10. Fumbled kickoff, Alabama gets the ball on about the 15. 2 consecutive interceptions. That was 4 consecutive FSU drives. Not to mention the missed pass interference call in the end zone right before the half- leading to a blocked FG. I’ll fade Alabama in the playoffs. They will lose eventually. I am not as impressed as everyone else.
Western Michigan/USC Over 58 (W) I said 50-20. It ended up being 49-31. Good enough. I’m higher on USC than most. I think they get better.
Moving on…
When the NFL starts I always play a 10 point 3 team teaser. Some people think they are stupid. I like them, and they make me money. So every week I will have one. This is the only disclaimer I will mention about them this season. Just be prepared to see them. They are all (-120) juice- so we will risk $60 on these to win $50
3 Team 10 point teaser Risking $60 to win $50
Pats +1 Tom Brady is like 4,158-1 against the AFC in the regular season. THIS IS THE THURSDAY NIGHT GAME
Texans +4.5 The Jags suck. If the Texans lose this O’Brien should be fired Monday.
Auburn +15.5 Held Clemson to 19 points last year. I think they can win. Give me 15.5.
All other plays standard $55 to win $50
Nebraska/Oregon OVER 68.5 Oregon beat Southern Utah 77-21 last week. Nebraska beat Arkansas State 43-36. Both teams have no idea how to tackle. Both teams can score points. Last year Nebraska won 35-32. I think it goes over.
Wisconsin – ? 1st half vs Florida Atlantic. The line will be released some time tomorrow. It will be around 20. When it is released we will play it. I will update the post when I see it. The full game line is -31.5. Come kickoff Hurricane Irma should be doing damage to Florida. I have no idea how FAU can focus. Wisconsin is very good. This could get ugly.
Giants +4 @ Dallas I think Dallas takes a huge step back this year. I am high on the Giants. They play well at Jerry World. I hate the Cowboys. Take the Texans in a teaser. Fade the Cowboys. Karma, I like it.
Other games I looked at hard: Texans/Jags under. Tenn/Oak Over. Philly/Wash Over. Wash -1. USC/Stanford Over. Oklahoma +7.5. Oklahoma/Ohio State Over. Penn State -20. New Mexico State +7.5
Remember most dogs that cover in the NFL end up winning straight up around 70% of the time. Example: If you are playing Chargers +3.5 against the Broncos, 70% of the time the spread never comes into play. The Chargers win the game straight up. Just a note. I am not saying play the Chargers. Just a quick tidbit dealing with the NFL and dog spreads. 
Good luck.
Any questions please hit me up on Twitter. @Jayoff288

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