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Media, Kate Upton, Post-Harvey Normality, and Data Predictions are all a joke: The 9/8 Update


Yes, we all know that I complain about the media a lot. But please – humor me for a moment as I rifle through a few more of my pet peeves:

  • Media asking people how they feel, just after a tragic event
  • Media standing in the middle of a heinous storm while telling citizens not to go out into said storm
  • Media utilizing “fear tactics” to drive up viewership

On Tuesday, Houston Texans offensive tackle Duane Brown was in the Fifth Ward, helping his community after this recent great disaster.  Local media caught wind of it and promptly arrived on location – only to ask him about his return to the Texans.

Are you kidding me? In light of everything that has happened as of late, who gives a two shits about the Texans? There is a time and place for everything. And personally, I think their approach is extremely tacky.

HEY, MEDIA! Instead of probing Duane Brown for his thoughts on blocking for a sub-par quarterback, how about you roll up your sleeves and break a sweat for a minute? Or maybe, ask him what he’s doing there and how he’s contributing to his community?? This isn’t rocket science.


To the men of Houston: seriously, all of your Kate Upton gawking is getting old and played out.  I’m beginning to think that the local media only wanted Justin Verlander to join the Astros in order to create an opportunity to get their perverted Kate Upton zingers in.

Guys, I get it. She’s an attractive female with big breasts, but these jokers act as if they’ve never seen one of her kind before. I mean come on, we live in the South. They come a dime a dozen here. But on top of all of that, I find it pretty sleezy to openly talk that way about another man’s wife (and yes, I’ve heard most of you talk about this chick). My biggest question is… what in the world are you sleeping with at home that has subsequently made you this star struck over another man’s wife??


While I applaud the City of Houston for bouncing back to a functional level so quickly, I’m definitely still cringing at this rush for so-called “normality.”  Hundreds of thousands of people were affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and surrounding areas, and there’s something that bothers me about the fact that everyone else around me seems to have the mindset that the faster we get things back to normal, the better.

Here’s some food for thought: while most of us have gotten back into this mad dash to get our morning Starbucks, or purchase the latest PS4 game, or bitch on our phones about traffic during rush hour… there are many, many people that have been left without a damn house to come home to.


Weekly Standard writer Gregg Easterbrook recently wrote one of the most brilliant pieces I’ve ever read on Big Data. Easterbrook debunked nearly all data prediction – in other words, he reduced data prediction to nothing more than a “guess while highlighting the effectiveness of decimal points.” In his assessment, he also went after news media, sports media and even his own coworkers.  My take: it’s not that data isn’t incorrect, but it is most certainly overplayed and exploited.


I ran to this video and quickly expected to see some wild shit – you know, like a white cop blasting a black man in the face with a billy club or something. But then… I hit play.

I proceeded to watch a small Hispanic police officer handcuffing a black man onto concrete. Thinking I missed something, I proceeded to watch it again. Nope. Eyes shifting, I said to myself, “This is standard procedure.”  There was no “OH MY GOD” factor whatsoever about this video – unless all of you are just overly emotional because Colin Kaepernick happened to make mention of it.  Honestly, I didn’t see anything obtuse about this entire display.


For those of you who don’t know, Donald Trump suspended DACA for six months… and he’s giving Congress six months to come up with a resolution. I may be Anti-Illegal Immigration, but the practical part of me has come to a sudden realization: I just incurred damage to my home in the wake of Hurricane Harvey – and we all know that workers will be in high demand around these parts for awhile. I don’t care what their status is – I’m just a fan of reasonable prices.

All of that being said…

Although President Obama preached humanitarianism, the real fight with Illegal Immigration is Power, AKA Votes, AKA Voting Blocks. Plain and simple. Democrats are eyeing the next monster voting block, and Republicans are trying to stop it. My advice to everyone is not to get caught up in Democrats’ “what’s right” argument, nor Republicans “protecting our borders.”  It’s all joke to them. I often picture both parties sitting behind close doors together, laughing and sharing a drink while the public fights over fabricated bullshit.  It reminds me of the “one dollar bet” in Trading Places:

animation (1).gif


“I felt like an animal, and animals don’t know sin, do they?”
― Jess C. Scott



Editor’s note: Lamont Mann is your weekly Friday updater, and also weighs in on a variety of subjects throughout the week. Former military man, UH Grad. Follow him on Twitter: @sportsmedialm

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