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I hate the Texans, fantasy wrap up, and some fun! The update for September 12.

Well, first things first. The Texans game was legitimately awful. There was not a single bright spot on the entire football field. The offense? Horrendous. The defense? Watching Leonard Fournette run through the front seven like they were the Dillon Panthers instead of a professional NFL football team was painful. Honestly Coach Taylor could have done a better job of getting this team ready for the Jaguars. The probably aren’t going to be as bad as usual, but for the love of God, it’s the Jacksonville Jaguars. They are over .500 for the first time in SIX YEARS. How bad was the Texans game? John McClain summed it up with his first “pathetic” of the season a mere 17 minutes into the first half.

I’m a pathetic Texans fan. Every year this happens. Every year I steadfastly to refuse to listen to people that say the team won’t be very good, and every year they let me down again. I was drinking during the game, as I often am when I have to watch this team’s offense take the field, so I had to take a look back at my tweets, let’s do a drunk disco play by play of the afternoon:

The Texans’ offense takes the field after the defense allows Jacksonville to score and I’m concerned. But by 12:16 PM, I know what this season is going to be like:

I didn’t get into the football watching game until college, so I’m on a learning curve here. That being said, I feel like letting this happen, might not be ideal in a professional NFL football game:

Things snowballed quickly, and here’s how my last couple of tweets looked:


Let’s see what they can put together against the Bengals on Thursday, but I’m ready to declare this team 0-16. Which is perfect because they don’t have a pick until the third round next year! Oh, great my blood pressure is rising again!

This is cool: What if a winning college football team took all of it’s opponent’s land? A redditor basically created an imperialistic football map for what the US would look like if every time a college football team won they kept their opponent’s land, and kept taking land until the winner eventually owned the entire US. Here’s what the map looks like after week two:


My actual football team lost, but how did my fantasy team do? Here at Houston Sports and Stuff we’ve got a fantasy league going on between some of the writers and readers. I’ve never in my life played fantasy, as I outlined last Tuesday, so let’s see how I stacked up:


File_000 (4)

Is having a defense that scores 29 points good? It feels good. Anyway, I am going to need any help I can get on the fantasy front, so holla at me! Sorry Astrodome Feral Cats. Better luck next week!

The Astros! What are they doing!?? Getting swept by the A’s, one of the worst teams in the entire MLB is probably not the way to get to the world series, but what do I know. Check out our weekly wrap-up though maybe I missed something.

On a serious note: Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of 9/11. I can’t believe it has been 16 years. I was in 8th grade at the time and had never been to New York City, much less given thought to the WTC outside of seeing them on movies and TV shows. The next spring, my mom and I did go to NYC and standing at ground zero, I was struck with the gravity of what had happened. Every year that passes it becomes more important than ever that we never forget September 11th and the lives that were lost that day. Among those that died, there were true heroes who saved lives and sacrificed themselves. Never forget. Also, this video makes me sob every time I watch it:


Quote of the Day: 

“Gotta play better. Gotta coach better.” – Bill O’Brien on Sunday probably.

Hottie of the Day:


At least one unit looked halfway decent on Sunday.


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