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The Good, the bad… and The Texans: Your Sept. 15 Update

Firstly, let me say that I am not the type of person who kicks a man while he’s down.

Wait… I lied.


After the Jaguars beat the Texans to a pulp, I started thinking about all of Bill O’Brien’s wrong decisions – and I couldn’t help but laugh.  There has been a debate in Houston as of late regarding O’Brien’s apparent desire to have full control over the Texans’ roster. Let’s be serious here –  if Bob McNair actually surrendered control to O’Brien, he’d probably end up with eleven worthless quarterbacks.


No, it was not…


or Fitzpatrick,

or Mallet,

or Hoyer,

or Savage.

Plain and simple the problem is Bill O’Brien’s “precious” offensive system. Same situation, different year. It may be too late at this point, but O’Brien needs to hire a real offensive coordinator.  And by real offensive coordinator, I am talking about someone (anyone?) who is not George Godsey.

Some say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. If that is the case, these guys most certainly belong in the looney bin.


Post-Hurricane Harvey, O’Brien declared that he was dedicating this Texans season to the City of Houston. Well, if the last seven days are any indicator to what our season is going to look like, they can keep it. That would literally be like tossing an anchor to a drowning man.


But wait! There is at least one positive thing to take away from this last week of horrible confusion:  Tom Savage didn’t get injured! I’m pretty sure there are statistics regarding whether or not Savage can survive an entire regular season without ending up at Ben Taub Hospital  – but then again, he was only on the field for 31 plays.


Honestly, I felt it was wrong to bench Tom Savage. However, I feel it equally wrong for his agent to speak with Pro Football Talk about it. It actually remined me of David Carr’s dad at Texans practice.  The other side of it is, I highly doubt that the agent spoke without Tom’s permission. So moving forward, I have a feeling that the Texans Quarterback meetings are going to be awkward AF.



As I’m sure most of you know by now, Brian Cushing got popped for PEDs. He was barbecued on social media, but I do respect his apology.  Instead of making up some bogus excuse, he completely owned it. Cushing wholeheartedly apologized to his teammates, family and his friends.

At what point will people begin to question JJ Watt, who is dating Cushing’s sister in law?  I can remember back when everyone questioned Astros greats like Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio for their friendship with the late Ken Caminiti.


“Deliver more than you promise and earn the respect and gratitude of the intelligent, the wise, and the honorable.’  – Wayne Trotman




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