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Astros third starter, a hilarious Mike Tyson story, sleep talking, duck penis and so much more. It’s the Sept. 21 update!



Now that the Astros have clinched a playoff berth the discussion turns to who should be the third starter for the division series. First off, all of this discussion is for naught if Lance McCullers is healthy, but that’s not looking like it’s going to be the case so it leaves people wondering who should fill that spot.


Collin McHugh

Well if you been watching any of the games then you have no doubt heard Jeff Blum make his push for Brad Peacock to get that start, and that makes sense. In fact, one could make a pretty solid case for any of the three most viable options (those being thepreviously mentioned Brad Peacock, Colin McHugh and Charlie Morton) to get that spot. My case against Peacock? I like the fact that he can pitch out of the bullpen, and has done so this year effectively. Because of that, the No. 3 starter comes down to Morton and McHugh. but since you can only have one, I’m going to plead my case for Colin McHugh.

McHugh should get to start for a couple of reasons. He’s been one of the most consistent starters in the Astros rotation for the last three years. That doesn’t mean the best, mind you, I said consistent. But as far as No. 3 starters in a rotation goes, I’ll take a guy with a 19 win season, who finished fourth in rookie of the year voting his first year. In fact, as No. 3 starters go in the majors, I’d put him up against almost anyone in baseball.

Also take into consideration the fact that McHugh has only thrown 52 innings thus far this year, so he’s much fresher than Peacock (127) and Morton (134.1). Granted none of those numbers are extremely high for a starter but it would stand to reason McHugh would be the freshest arm of the three going into the playoffs.

And again, all this is a moot point if Lance McCullers is healthy. He’s your no doubt No. 3, but as of now the Astros can’t seem to count on him so it comes down to Peacock, Morton and McHugh.


Mike Tyson was in town today for an appearance, and any time his name comes up I can’t help but think of this great bit/story from Tom Segura:


My sister-in-law Nancy introduced me to an app called “Sleep Talk.” It’s an app that will record any, and I do mean ANY, sounds that you make during the night. So if you burp, fart, snore or talk in your sleep it’s going to capture it. The best part about the app is that you can upload your recordings for others to listen to.

As you might imagine, some of them are absolutely hilarious. I picked a few and played them on The Usual Suspects this week, but since I can’t assume that everyone reading this listens to my show (but shame on you if you don’t…it’s 1pm-4pm daily on ESPN 97.5 here in Houston) I wanted to post a few of my favorites here.

WARNING: There is a lot of farting involved, but also some cussing, so you’re going to want to put in some headphones if you’re at work or in public.

Ninja Pancakes: 

Brilliant Fart:

I Hate That Giraffe:

I Wanna Be A Potato:


The app is available for both Apple and Android


I’m appearing this weekend at the Joke Joint Comedy Showcase. It’s located on 45 South and Fuqua. Now I’m certainly not suggesting that if you live in Conroe that you make the trip down, but if you’re in the area, or close enough, come out and have some fun.

There’s 2 shows Friday (8pm and 10:30pm) and 2 shows Saturday (8pm and 10:30pm). The headliner is Michael Malone and he’s absolutely hysterical.

You can get tickets HERE.

Also, if you want to be put on my mailing list to be notified when I have shows coming up, just shoot me a private message on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll add you. Or check back on my homepage and I’ll be setting up a mailing list box…one of these days.



“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain



Welp. I guess I’m a Dodgers fan now. More great pics at Moezart’s Instagram page.


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