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History might repeat for Texans, faint praise for O’Brien, Kaepernick truthers, flood scares and more: The update for Aug. 22

August 20, 2011; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips (left) greets his father and former Houston Oilers head coach O.A. Phillips (right) before a preseason game against the New Orleans Saints at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


As I watched the Texans offense struggle for nearly four years under Bill O’Brien, I begin to think.  In 2010, the Texans defense was abysmal.  The Team finished 6-10.  The common belief was Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak would be fired.  One rainy Thursday close to the end of the season,  Bum Phillips and Dan Pastorini met with the Texans.

Both Dan and Bum were on the “save Gary Kubiak’s Job” campaign.  They both agreed the defense was bad but could be fixed.  Shortly after, whispers of Wade Phillips creeped into radio dsicussion.

After the season, the Texans fired their defensive coordinator Frank Bush and hired Wade Phillips.

Everyone believes the Texans made Kubiak fire Bush and gave him Wade Phillips.

Fast Forward seven years.  Texans offense has been abysmal under Bill O’Brien.  O’Brien has one year remaining on his contract similar to  Gary Kubiak.  In order to retain Bill O’Brien, could the Texans force him to hire a competent offensive coordinator?

The dynamics are slightly different, unlike Kubiak’s situation, the dilemma the Texans are currently faced with is the offense is under the head coach’s control.  Would O’Brien accept someone given to him by management?

Belichick, cut the crap!

During a conference call, Bill Belichick said O’Brien is a great head coach.  He added, considering what O’Brien has to work with, he’s done good.  It’s a subtle jab at Rick Smith.  A lot of O’Brien “truthers” think exactly like this, as if O’Brien did not have a hand in compiling the 53 man roster.


Laughing Out Loud, virgins are boycotting NFL because Colin Kaepernick is not with a team.  Do you know where you have to be in life for this to be a reality for you? More power to the boycotters but it’s funny AF especially when all of the people I know who are “boycotting” miraculously post stats and key plays on social media.  I wish the football gods would do me a solid and somehow Kaepernick lands with the Texans.  I would love to see DeShaun Watson (Black) starting while Kaepernick (Half White) backing up and the KAEPERNICKERS bitch about racism. Crazy as it may sound, this is where we are at.

What the Flood?

Monday was Houston’s first time receiving significant rain post Harvey flooding.  I found myself getting nervous as if I was having flashbacks.  It wasn’t anything too serious but I did think about the flood a lot. It looks as if I was not alone.  ABC 13 posted a series of articles after Monday’s Storm about people panicking.  I also observed myself smirking at Monday’s rain totals.   We received nearly 3 inches and I was like “whatever, talk to me when we get into the 40s.”


“Life asked Death “Why do people love me, but hate you?” Death responded “Because you are a beautiful lie, and I’m a painful truth.”









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