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Drunken life fails, a trip to Philly, kicker bashing, shames and more: The update for Aug. 27

Holly Life Fail of the Day…

Me walking into work Tuesday: “If your team isn’t 2-1 don’t talk to me!”

The only two people who showed up: *blank stares*

Side Note: It was a Dallas fan and a Bills fan.


My exact facial expression as I dropped my $12 beer when my cursed kicker actually made the winning field goal with ONE second left on the clock. Not just ANY field goal, a 61yd FG. This is the same guy that cost us a win Week 2… the same guy that can’t successfully kick from 7 yards away. Oh my football gods. I witnessed a real life miracle.

I got bashed on social media for my comments on the kicker. “He won the game for you!” *sigh* ACTUALLY…

• If he wouldn’t have missed the first FG attempt, we wouldn’t have had a tie game.
• It’s his JOB to make field goals! Should I be impressed that he’s doing his JOB? 61 yards? Yes, great. Fabulous. But how about my lost points racking up from… never mind.

Injury Report: My entire team is on the IR. (Still serving all you bums L’s though). I cried off what was left of my spray tan when I heard the Giants killed my favorite player. RIP to Sproles’ ACL and arm. How does that even happen?

All in all, my trip to the Linc to see my boys slap that 0-3 record on the NYG was a success.


You know who wasn’t successful this weekend? The Steelers, the Dolphins and the Ravens. YUCK. You guys looked disgusting. Almost as disgusting as…

College Crap: A&M looked like left over garbage. And from the pieces of the UH game I caught, the only impressive thing I saw was my future husband (Kingsbury)’s hot ass.

But. Here at Houston Sports and Stuff we like to focus on the positive things in life… Which is exactly why I will skip over the Texan’s game. (Side Note: I thought Victor roofied me when the score of the HOU/NE game came across the big screen in Philly at halftime). Disco breaks it down in case you missed it.

How cute was OBJ’s TD celebration pissing in my team’s end zone? I’ll admit, I laughed. That boy is a savage. But. Drunk Holly isn’t allowed to have front row seats at Lincoln Financial because there would be a lot of wasted beer being thrown.

Shame bell No. 1


I’m a huge fan of Sherman. BUT. He’s getting a little out of hand. Guess karma (aka the scoreboard) handled up on this one.

Shame bell No. 2


“Crabtree? I have nothing to say to you. Yes, I may be Cover 2, but I’m Cover 1 too. I’m Cover 1, Cover 2, Cover 3 and Cover 4. All of them. All of the ingredients to make a perfect attack. We do all the extra stuff. When you come out on this field, you going to see about us.” –Josh Norman
I don’t even care for Norman but that turned me on.

Shame bell No. 3 goes to Yours Truly

Today is your lucky day… FOUR shame bells.

My fourth and final shame goes to anyone else who brings up this NFL versus Trump protesting subject. I don’t get into all of that. I respect everyone’s opinion. You kneel, cool. You don’t kneel, cool. Do you boo. But Sunday’s I like to escape the hate of this world, so it would be really cool to watch football in peace. I judge players off of their performance, not their beliefs and so should you.

Shame bell No. 4


Hottie of the Day:


I’m just trying to support kickers…

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