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Week 5 gambling guide: Everyone loves a winner

Editor’s note: Jay is a talented and avid gambler. Follow him on Twitter @jayoff288 (Be sure to make your plays at

Trump seems to get everyone’s attention. Thanks for clicking.

Tough week- if you play long enough you know they happen. Nothing we can do but look back over the plays and make adjustments.  Really kicking myself for not playing a couple of games I mentioned. I said the WVU/Kansas number got away from us- I should have played that over anyways. I liked Georgia, and really liked the Saints. I should have played them all.


Michigan State +4- Never showed up. Outclassed from kickoff. Lesson learned- don’t play mediocre Big 10 teams.

Toledo +13.5- I still like the play. They fell apart in the 4th quarter- but the game was much closer than the score indicated and Toledo was winning at halftime.

Ore/Arz State Over 75- Landed on 72. Scoring slowed down in the 2nd half. I would play it again.

3 team 10 point teaser- Pats, Saints and Oklahoma State.  Credit to TCU. I did not expect that kind of effort. A lot of people did- they were right.

YTD 6-11 (-$285) Fade me if you want…

3 team 10 point teaser (Risking $60 to win $50)

Saints +7, Broncos +7, Patriots +1

Risking ($55 to win $50)

Titans/Texans Over 43.5

USC/Washington State Over 63.5

Oklahoma State/Texas Tech Over 85 (2 units) 1-0 on these this year- and it was another Tech over.

Money Line Parlay

Packers, Auburn, Texas A&M Risking ($50 to win $60)

When you are losing no one cares what your opinion is on games. They just want you to win. So I am switching it up. 5 total plays. I like all of them. Good luck. I really think they we have a big week.

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