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Trump and the NFL conspiracy, O’Brien the guru, sex legends and more: The update for Sept. 29

As I watched the bullshit unfold over the weekend between President Trump and the NFL, I chuckled.   Admittedly, I always think there’s another story the public does not see.  I observed “Hug a Negro” Day on Sunday and began to question: something is not adding up.

The whole NFL protest and kneel fiasco was irrelevant before Friday.  I mean they were a few stories here and there of random nobodies kneeling in protest but for the most part it was quiet.

Friday September 22, 2017, President Donald Trump was in Alabama stumping for a candidate and miraculously brought up the Kaepernick protest.  I won’t even debate MAGAs (Trump Supporters) because they are just happy and cannot even think strait like the Obama supporters.

It was very odd until I thought about previous stories the week before.   Earlier in the week, a story broke that former Patriot Aaron Hernandez had an extreme case of CTE.   The Hernandez family is suing the Patriots and the NFL.   The story was about to blow, it was simmering, in comes Donald Trump with some shit out of left field.   Donald Trump and Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft are cool.   Multiple NFL owners are down with Trump and donated to his campaign.

One of my greatest flaws; I’m not a finisher, I will revisit this, but something in this milk ain’t clean.


The NFL owners did not unify for minorities.  The NFL players are property, an investment.  The Owners knelt and sent out statements because Trump is messing with their profits by telling his supporters to protest.

All this crap is for show and it will not do anything to solve real issues, but America loves a good feel good story.

Chic to Criticize O’Brien in Houston

The last three years, Bill O’Brien provided absolutely nothing offensively.   Upon hiring him, words like offensive guru were taught by the media.   No one from the Texans nor Bill O’Brien ever identified O’Brien as a guru but the media did.  We know the drill, National Media says some BS, Local media sees it and runs with it.  Now, everyone seems to have convenient amnesia and does not know where GURU comes from; all of the local radio shows are following this template, it’s cute.


A few years ago, I created a Flowchart to determine if a white male is racist.   It took off on Twitter and wanted to provide it to HSS.



Wilt Chamberlain vs. Ric Flair

Yes, Wilt Chamberlain banged more females than Ric Flair.   Wilt 20 k, Ric 10k.     My goodness, I don’t have enough penis to even talk thousands.   If you are banging thousands of women, you should be in the HOF on merit.

Speaking of Sex

One of the greatest legends passed away.   The dude was the ultimate pimp.   He loved the ladies; is that even still a thing?  Yes kids, before social media men use to like women and publicly displayed it.


The US Constitution does not grant you freedom, it prevents the government from taking it.

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