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A little good news on a crappy news day

I figured everyone could stand to see some good news on the internet for a change today.  While it isn’t world peace the news I have should still bring a smile to your face.  Ready for it??

A real-life cold front may possibly be on the horizon. Yes our first real front of the year, not one of these half-assed fronts that only drops humidity but not temperatures.  For the past couple of days computer models have been advertising a front that not only knocks out the humidity but also brings legitimate fall temperatures. Right now models are showing this front making its way through sometime between next Tuesday and next Friday. Think highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s.  Yeah buddy!

cold front

Map showing what could be an advancing cold front next week. This is a dew point map, a measure of moisture in the air, which is a good indicator of a front’s location.

Given that this is a week or week and half away much can change but it is promising that models are finally showing hints of fall.  I’ll keep everyone updated.  That’s all  I have for now, just thought I’d put some good news out there.

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