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A Q&A about SportsMap and how it will impact HS&S


Yesterday Gow Media launched SportsMap, a new website. We have gotten a lot of questions about what it is and how it will affect this site. So here is a Q&A that will hopefully answer all of your questions:

Q: What is SportsMap?

A: It is a new sports-oriented Web site affiliated with Culture Map and this site. It will be a high-end sports site, featuring written content, videos and more. It will contain game coverage, but also Health and Fitness, Outdoors, and participation sports. It will be like a sports version of Culture Map. The idea is to make it what should have been.

Q: How is it different from Houstonsportsandstuff?

A: SportsMap is a more serious sports site. HS&S is meant to be fun, snarky and entertaining. It’s also a place where we do a lot more than sports. The sites should work in concert with each other. Many of the talented writers here are contributing to SportsMap, and there will be more traffic driven here from the new site. HS&S will remain a more affordable option for advertisers while offering a different view on things. It will also benefit from some of the resources we have at Gow Media, especially for videos. Some content will live in both places, and HS&S will be able to grow its audience as a benefit. SportsMap should raise the profile of many of our writers, which will only bring more people. We have some really cool plans for this site. And it will only make HS&S better and even more fun.

Q: Will I (Fred Faour) still be writing for HS&S?

A: Absolutely. While I am Editor in Chief of SportsMap, much of the content I like to produce is a much better fit for this site. Now that we are past launch, I will have more time to write fiction, how-tos and more smartass sports stories that won’t fit on SportsMap. The only difference is that my Texans recaps will appear on SportsMap. Brien O’Donal will continue to handle the Texans stories for this site.

Q: What’s next for HS&S?

A: More fun stuff and growth. We started this site as a place to replace my old blog, and it’s grown into a something where talented writers have a place to hone their craft, tackle topics in AND outside of sports, and entertain you in the process. All of this will continue, with some new features that are coming soon – including a weekly online video blog that will be absurdly unique and fun.


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