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Weekend Gambling – First Look

Hello all, it’s been a while since I’ve been back on houstonsportsandstuff, but I figured it’s time for another betting guide.  This year so far, I’ve been above .500 every week, so maybe my knowledge might help some people out of the hole.  I’m no expert by far, but just take a look at some of the analysis and make the decisions for yourself.

For more gambling, check out and @jayoff288 ‘s weekly guide!


I’m not a big fan of college betting this week.  There are a lot of home dogs that could pull off an upset and the lines haven’t moved much since they opened, indicating they are pretty well set.  I will give you a few match-ups that are favorable, but not sure if I will bet them.

West Virginia vs. TCU – Over 67

TCU is averaging just under 50 points and WVU is averaging just over 50 points this year.  Take the over, but be cautious.  I’m going to put a small bet on this, but I’m still wary.  Small Bet!

Michigan State vs. Michigan (-10) – O/U 40

Not betting this game at all, but it’s very intriguing.  The spread is 10, but the over is only 40.  Seems pretty sketchy, but the over looks enticing.  That’s probably what Vegas wants, so I’m not going to take it.  But it’s worth keeping an eye on.


NFL has been my bread and butter this year.  I went 4-1 last week and would have gone undefeated if Justin Houston didn’t scoop and score in the final seconds of the Monday Night game.  Either way, I actually feel good about these three plays.

AFC South Matchups – 3-team/10 PT Teaser

  • Jacksonville (+18.5) vs. Pittsburgh
  • Kansas City vs. Houston (+11)
  • Kansas City vs. Houston – Over 36

Ok, I think the Texans win this game straight up.  Vegas is begging people to take the Chiefs at -1, so I think it’s a safe bet in the teaser to grab Houston +11.  The O/U right now is only at 46, with 70% of public money going for the over.  Be wary if you take the over as a straight bet, Vegas doesn’t like to lose and it seems like they may know something we don’t.  Seems plausible to take the over of 36 in a teaser though.  Finally, the Jags!  Right now, they are at +8.5, but I think the line will move to around 7.5 or 8 before gametime.  Get them now in your teaser.  The Steelers have only averaged 22.5 points per game this year, and I expect Jags to put up some points, even if it is in garbage time.  Definite Bet!

Carolina vs. Detroit (-2)

I trust Matt Stafford at home against any defense.  While his offense doesn’t have the weapons it is used to, the Lions have been focusing on the run game, setting up a great passing attack.  I mean, they are one bad call away from being undefeated.  Not to mention, Cam is wrapped up in his chauvinistic comments, so he may be distracted.  Definite Bet!

Green Bay vs. Dallas – Over 52

I want to put all my chips on this game, since I see two high-powered offenses with very little defense.  But my issue is that 69% of public money is already on the over.  Plus, the Packers will most likely be without Adams and Montgomery.  I still think the Packers win 31-27.  So I’m taking the over!  Maybe a regrettable bet!


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