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2001 vs. 2017: The Oct. 6 Update

By Lamont Mann

In the past two months, our great nation has been rocked, in a big way. When I look back at the scope of my entire life, there are only two particular years that stand out to me on a catastrophic scale:


In 2001, we started the year off with a contested Presidential election (technically, the election was in November of 2000, but 2001 saw majority of the backlash).

And then… Andria Yates killed her five kids. Her attorney used the PTSD as a defense. It worked, and she got sent to the loony bin – but I wonder, how many Vietnam Vets who committed a crime after their return to America got off on PTSD?  It may have occurred in a suburb of Houston, but it became a huge national story because it was just “so odd” to hear a female claim PTSD. Really?


Hands down, September 11th, 2001 is the worst event I’ve ever been alive for in my adult life. I remember seeing people jumping off buildings and landing on concrete. It was horrifying.


Remember Enron?

Locally, we all recall our friends and family walking out of Enron with boxes… but there were more companies that fell.  Shortly after Enron collapsed, WorldCom and Arthur Andersen (among others) followed in similar paths.


As all of you know, our most recent election was completely up in the air for the entire campaign. In case you have so conveniently forgotten, Donald Trump’s win was met with strong skepticism (shocker). There were groups and protesters trying to get electorates to change their vote. To say the least.

Hello,  Harvey.

Not that we need a memory jog, but not too long ago, a massive rain storm chose to hang out with Houston for over 5 days straight.  This shit… was Biblical. Being that I was personally affected, I’ll share that I still get the shakes when I hear a clap of thunder. Sometimes, even a loud fart.

Irma Gets Around

A week after Harvey doggie styled South East Texas and Houston, his side piece Irma waved her goods to Florida. While Irma was not as bad as predicted, it still affected millions and only happened a few weeks after Harvey, which put everything on edge. However, this dirty side piece was not as catastrophic as…

Maria, Maria

A few weeks after Irma, Hurricane Maria tore Puerto Rico a new asshole.  For weeks, Puerto Rico was not accessible.  All of the pictures and footage are, essentially, carnage and destruction. Unfortunately, I cannot ever recall a storm being politicized during the immediate aftermath as it was for Maria.  Every media outlet seemed to be everyone was talking about everything… except the cleanup.

Las Vegas Lunatic

To circle back, there are a few events in my life where I thought “this could actually be on TV:”

The recent Las Vegas can absolutely be added to that list.

WTF?!  32nd floor window shooting, from an elevated position like John McClain in Die Hard? I watched the video, and heard the gunfire – and was completely in disbelief as to how many continuous rounds the shooter was able to get off, at different intervals.  That kind of stuff is unheard of.


There are many conspiracy theories floating around out there about the situation, such ash “I heard multiple shooters,” “It was a hoax,” and even the “government trained assassin” theory.  I’m going to give this one some more time before I start wearing the tin foil hat, but I do find it a bit odd that we are receiving information in such a slow trickle.

2001 will always be at the top of the food chain in term of devastating years. However, I have never seen as many tragic events occur in such a brief period as I have in 2017.


Oh, Cam

Cam Newton jokingly said he had never heard a female ask about routes.  The she happened to mention it on Twitter, and of course, it blew up.  Cam is losing sponsors and according to some, he’s a disgusting sexist.  Are you kidding me? Give me a break – as condescending as it may have come off, it’s obvious that it was a joke.

The Bill O’Brien and Rick Smith Conspiracy

Apparently, Rick Smith is the reason for Tom Savage starting the first game, according to Matt Hammond of Sports Radio 610.  In my opinion, the story is lame. I didn’t see a reason for it, but what I found funny is how many people blasted it out. Just to be clear… outside of 610, most people called them dumbasses for running with it in the first place.


“Reason is intelligence taking exercise. Imagination is intelligence with an erection.”
― Victor Hugo



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