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NFL Week 5 Misery Index

This weeks Misery Index is a day late, but I hope you can excuse my tardiness as I was at the Astros game. But hey, I caught a foul ball.


We are a quarter of the way through the NFL season and aside from the Chiefs we still don’t have a clear picture of which teams are for real.  What is clear though is that we are leaving the relative calm of summer behind and entering a time of year when weather conditions become more volatile.  Rain will be possible at a number of games this weekend. For fantasy/gambling purposes the most impacted games look to be:

  • Bills at Bengals: This game looks to be the most impacted. Rain could be heavy at times making the field a mess and the passing game less than efficient.
  • Chargers at Giants: Rain is possible, but nothing too heavy.
  • Cardinals at Eagles: Rain is likely throughout the game.  It shouldn’t be particularly heavy but it will wet during the game.

Thankfully there is not a game in New Orleans this weekend as Hurricane Nate will be impacting that area on Sunday, but I’ll get to Nate in a bit.  First though we have to complete our weekly ritual of finding the most miserable place to watch a game.

The week 5 Misery Index takes us to Miami where the Dolphins will be playing the Titans.  I thought the conditions in Tampa last week looked uncomfortable but the weather in Miami on Sunday will top that.  At kickoff the heat index will be at about 98 degrees and the humidity will be suffocating. But this is Miami so we all know no one will actually be in the stadium at kickoff. However those who do straggle in should probably bring their scuba gear because the air will be MOIST.  Those fans will endure 3 or 4 hours of feels-like temperatures hovering around 100 with the only “relief” coming from a few passing rain showers. As their reward they will get to watch their starting quarterback Jay “just here for my paycheck” Cutler take on the fighting Tennessee Matt Cassels.  The 49ers-Colts and Jets-Browns are sure to produce a more exciting game.  I really cant think of a more miserable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Misery Index Rating: ☹ ☹ ☹☹

Now a word on our weather as there are a couple of things going on.  First do not fret over Nate.  Yes the storm is in the Gulf of Mexico and it is a low-end hurricane, but it wont an impact on our area. It is racing towards the New Orleans/Biloxi, Mississippi area and should be there by tonight. The storm is currently very lopsided with almost no wind on the west side. Compared to the “textbook” style hurricanes we have seen this year this one is definitely an ugly duckling.

Earlier this week I mentioned that there was a good chance of us seeing our first real cold front of the fall. Since I wrote that the models have waffled somewhat on its strength and whether it actually makes it through here at all. Over the past couple of days though the models have locked in on a weaker front coming through late Tuesday or very early Wednesday. While it will be a break from the humidity it unfortunately won’t feel all that different than the other “dry” fronts we have had this year.  It definitely won’t be that first real fall front we were hoping for, don’t lose hope yet. For almost a week now the computer models have been very consistent in showing a strong fall front making its way through here the week after next (sometime between the 17th and the 20th). As we get deeper into the season one of these forecasted strong fronts is bound to verify, lets hope its this one.

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