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Game 4 Weather Update

There is good deal of concern today about how the weather will impact the Astros-Red Sox game this afternoon.  Rain is all but guaranteed but there may be enough breaks in the showers to get the game in with a delay or two.

Rain in Boston looks to taper off around game time and should hopefully stay away for at least a couple of hours.  Between 2 and 3 o’clock rain begins to move back in and looks to stay around until about 5 or 5:30. In addition to the rain wind could also play a role in this game.  Winds will be out of the south – blowing out towards the green monster – at a steady 8-10 mph, with gusts to 25 mph.  That wind could be of great benefit to the powerful bats of the Astros.

The question will be how badly does MLB want to get this game in today.  Based on the current forecast I think the game could likely be played even if it is delayed for a couple of hours.  Rain looks to move out of the area by 5 or 6 pm which is a totally reasonable time to re-start a baseball game.  The issue will be TV as FS1, which is broadcasting the game, is scheduled to broadcast Indians-Yankees starting at 6:08 pm.  If MLB and/or FS1 are unwilling to delay that start or push either of these games to a different channel for a few innings then I could see this game getting canceled, but if they are willing to be flexible Game 4 could be completed today.

I am hoping they get the game in today for a couple of reasons. First, the wind conditions will benefit the Astros today as they are likely to hit more balls deep that could get carried out by those gusty winds.  Second, pushing the game till tomorrow would allow the Red Sox to put Chris Sale back on the mound. While the Astros beat up Sale on Thursday and would likely be able to counter with Verlander tomorrow, I would feel better if they could put the series away without having to see Sale again.

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