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Liver on a prayer, sports and stuff, hotties and stuff, shames and stuff…hell, it’s another wild Holly update for Oct. 11


That’s me. I somehow survived another weekend with my service liver light on.

You know who didn’t survive? The Texans. But that’s OK… Welcome to the IR club! Your defense is officially dead. I like to stay positive for you guys though… look on the bright side, you are totally bonding with the Steelers right now. Y’all both got demolished by Jacksonville. I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. You DO have Watson, whom I really like. And you DID play way better ball this week! Chin up buttercup… For more of my Week 5 Recaps click here.

The ‘Stros continue to be the breath of fresh air for Houston sports fans. No one hates the Red Sox as much as… Well, everyone. Luckily for the entire nation, our boys have sent them packing.

I would continue on Houston sports but everyone all week has talked about them so I’ll take another route. (I know what you’re thinking… route? What does this chick know about routes? *SIDE EYE*)

When your team is SO garbage that bringing up the league’s flex scheduling to try to get you removed from prime time viewing comes up. RIP NYG.

Shame bell No. 1


Clearly our President doesn’t have anything better to do besides tweet at the NFL all week. Now we’re talking taxes? And football? In the same tweet? Hey, Mr. Trump… I’m pretty sure you’re violating a few amendments to our constitutional rights here, but that’s none of my business. Someone hand this creep a “history 101 for dummies” book.

Shame bell No. 2


What’s almost as sick as Trump? This stepdad who kidnapped his own kid then married her in his van. How romantic.

Shame bell No. 3


Hotties of the Day:


…Because my friends and I are drunk lushes…

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