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Look at California, J.J.’s last moments on the field and more: The update for Oct. 13


Growing up, I was a fan of Frankie Beverly and Maze.  Frankie Beverly and Maze is a ’70s R&B band.  My mother would listen to them endlessly.  Somehow, they became popular with black teens an young adults during the 90s.  One of my favorite songs by them is Look at California.

Currently, I can’t do anything but look at California.

First Thing First, Sonoma

My heart goes out to the people of Sonoma and Napa Valley California who are dealing with the wild fires.  It’s not getting much run because we are desensitized to California wild fires and the President has put the NFL front and center.  This fire is huge, over 45,000 acres and counting of scorched Earth.  Many citizens have lost their homes in addition to commercial properties.

Pro Nouns are Illegal in California

I admit, I’m a slut for wacky legislation, but this takes the cake.  I thought New York fining citizens for a Big Gulp drink was out there, but WTF California?  Fining taxpayers and employees for using the wrong pronoun referencing gender?  I would be screwed in California because my grammar is weak and I love to troll.

Some Sexual Predators are cool

As I continued watching California, I learned,  some sexual offenders may not be required to register for life to their registry.  Only “serious” sexual predators are  required to register.  I thought to myself, this is interesting and is ALL sexual predators are “serious.”  Are we now ranking sexual misconduct or did Harvey Weinstein author of this legislation?

Knowingly giving folks HIV in California is a misdemeanor 

California out did themselves with this one.  California is reducing the penalty for people who knowingly transmit HIV to a misdemeanor.  Honestly, thought I was reading the Onion or someone was spoofing. I looked it up an it’s legit.

Think about the updates you have read; you can be jailed for the wrong usage of a pronoun but knowingly transmitting HIV is rendered to a parking ticket?  WTF kind of logic is happening on the west coast?

I frequent California often, aesthetically, it’s beautiful but that place is a cesspool.  California is the Mecca of peak level Liberalism.  California is a complete joke.


J.J. WATT’S Product Placement


J.J. Watt is my favorite player in the NFL and when he got injured, I felt bad for him.  Truth be told, I laughed at the post injury coverage from the wincing walking off the field to ambulance entrance.   The ambulance clip was epic because J.J. couldn’t pass up the chance to dawn his J.J. Watt ball cap.   I asked myself, did J.J. know the cameras we on him or was that organic?



Some people will never change, and you have to accept that.

– Common Saying



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