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Week 7 Gambling guide: Astros and Texans own the weekend

It’s been a crazy last few weeks for me. I apologize for not providing recaps and updating the record. I will update everything this weekend. 2-2 last weekend.

All plays $55 to win $50

West Virginia / Texas Tech over 72.5 I think this is about 3 points too low. Both teams have played in primetime spots the last couple of weeks and neither looked great on offense. People forget these teams score points. 2 coaches that really like each other and will break out everything in the play book to get a win. The number is too low.
Alabama – 19.5 1st half Saban is pissed. When he’s grumpy, I’ll roll with the tide. Not sure who he plays in the 2nd half. Arkansas sucks. I think it gets ugly fast. Tide should cover three touchdowns in the first half.
Duke +7 The Duke Miami game was closer than the score indicated. I’m not sure what FSU is playing for here. Duke should be able to hang in this spot. FSU coming off a monster letdown.
Chiefs/Texans/Patriots/Astros ML parlay ($25) I posted this on my Twitter account before the baseball game started. A ton of people are on Pittsburgh against the Chiefs.
To the guy who continues to try and post ridiculous comments on here every week- hit me up on Twitter bro. Put a name to your garbage responses. @jayoff288
Best of luck with all your plays. Be sure to check out

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