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ALCS Game 3 Weather Report, strong winds favor HRs to right-field.

If there were ever a day to open up the roof at Minute Maid today would be it.  It is absolutely perfect outside.  However the same cool front that brought us our first real fall day is pushing thorough the northeast today and will bring some impacts to Yankee Stadium this evening.  Don’t worry, rain wont be an issue as it was in Boston for the ALDS, but strong winds could be a factor tonight.

At the start of the game temperatures will be in the mid 50s and will drop into the upper 40s by the final out.  Not ideal temperatures for hitters, but the wind looks to have a larger impact.  With the recent passage of the cold front winds will be steady out of the north-northwest at about 20 mph with higher gusts.  Winds will be strongest at the beginning of the game and will gradually decrease over the course of the evening.  With Yankee Stadium’s orientation this means those winds will aid in carrying balls out towards the shorter porch in right-field. While its not a guarantee of home runs to right, left-handed hitters who can pull the ball with some power could have an above average chance of smacking a dinger. Let’s hope the Astros can hit a few more tonight.

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