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Forecast for ALCS Games 4 & 5

Well last night sucked.  But I think I get to say my forecast verified when an ugly swing by carpool line dad…I mean 3rd baseman Todd Fraizer barely got the ball over the right field wall for a 3 run homer. Last night I saw some say on twitter that the cold temperatures put the Astros at a disadvantage.  While the colder temperatures may have had an effect I don’t believe it gave the Yankees a particular advantage, as this was the coldest game they had played in since probably April.  Lets leave that game in the past though, and look at what the forecast has in store for the next two games in New York.

Today (4:08 PM)

The game is earlier today which means temperatures will be a little warmer than they were last night.  Temperatures will be in the mid to upper-50s at the start of the game an will slowly drop to the low-50s by the 9th inning.  Again, not fantastic temperatures for hitting but better than last night.  Aside from the players’ physical comfort, the cooler temperatures take a bit off of the baseball’s flight.  Colder air is more dense which means there is more friction on the ball as it cuts through the air than there would be on a warm summer night (cooler temperatures also add a little bit more bite to breaking balls). With temperatures in the 50s its not a huge impact but every inch counts.   Today the wind will not be nearly as much of a factor was it was last night.  Winds this evening will be blowing out towards left/left-center field at 6-10 mph. While it wont hurt balls hit out that direction the wind will not provide as much carrying power as it did last night.

yankee stadium wind

Wind direction tonight in relation to the field at Yankee Stadium.

Tomorrow (4:08 PM)

The big difference in the forecast for tomorrow will be temperatures.  Winds will remain mostly the same as they are for today’s game but the temperatures will be 10-15 degrees warmer.  Temperatures will be near 70 at the start of the game and only fall into the upper 60s, making for a more comfortable offensive environment compared to the previous 2 days.


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