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The good, the potentially ok, and the ugly of Houston sports on a Tuesday morning. Plus a new bar! The update for 10/17

The Ugly Yeesh – that was bad. The Astros got demolished by the Yankees yesterday in Game 3 in New York. You can read more about the game HERE. But I’m concerned. The Astros aren’t hitting. In the past three games they have only scored five total runs. And although they hold a 2-1 series lead, if they’re going to win the series the bats need to wake up. Game four is this afternoon in the Bronx, and if the Astros come back to Houston with the series tied 2-2, I’ll be very worried.

The good news is the Texans won a pretty convincing game on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. I feel actually bad for Browns players. I understand that they’re “rebuilding”. But they’ve been doing that for like 20 years. It truly is an incompetent franchise which I believe is run by complete fools. Either that or they are legitimately cursed. But enough about them, let’s talk about Deshaun. Watching Deshaun Watson play football is so exciting. When you’ve gone as long as we have here without exciting quarterback play, it’s so refreshing to watch a young talent like Watson. He tied the rookie record for touchdowns in a single game against the Titans and then on Sunday, he accomplished another feat

He’s thrown more touchdowns than any other quarterback in the league – and he has started one less game. He leads the league in QBR. Watching the offense is actually bearable for the first time in years. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a Texans game and didn’t completely zone off on offense while they went three and out over and over while the defense tired themselves out. I’m super excited about this kid and shockingly, the team. Get some quality wins against good teams and I’ll be all in on the Texans.

The potentially bad, but probably just ok – The Rockets open their regular season tonight against the Warriors. Check back with me in October. My brain is completely full right now. I am excited to watch Chris Paul and Harden together on the court. I hope James has continued to build on the quality leadership he showed last season. I still don’t think they have a prayer against the Warriors in the west though, so I can’t make myself get too excited. Would be good to have three quality playoff teams in this city.

Nobody breathe, but team Disco Balls is 6-0:

File_001 (2)

I’ve got a new bar to tell you all about – Lei Low in the Heights at North Main and 24th streets. Have you always wanted to go to Hawaii but never have? Lei Low is for you. Don’t let the fact that it’s located in a strip mall next to a smoke shop fool you. It’s a chill, hole in the wall Tiki Bar that’s so dark I have trouble getting pictures of the delicious and funky looking drinks they make. The menu is extensive, with any type of tropical rum or gin drink you can possibly imagine. The bartenders are very cool and make great recommendations, and the vibe is so laid back, you could be there for hours without thinking about it. The drinks can be a bit pricy, so if you’re looking for a cheap night out make sure you wear your Hawaiian shirt for the happy hour prices on Mai Tais.

Capping off the weekend @leilowhtx #ghostship

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Quote of the Day: “Yankees fans are the WORST” – my friend after attending game 3 at Yankee Stadum

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