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Week 7 Misery Index + Fantasy/Gambling Weather Report

Cydney Froelich of Duvall, WA (in the cheese head) cheers on Packers players as they exit the field before the NFC Championship game against the Seattle Seahawks Sunday, January 18, 2015 in Seattle. Kristyna Wentz-Graff for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A cold front will be making its way across the county this weekend and it will have impacts on College and NFL games, as well as our own local forecast.  So lets get to it.

Misery Index

After 3 consecutive weeks in Florida the Misery Index is finally moving elsewhere.  This week takes us to Green Bay.  The combination of weather conditions and the loss of Cheese-Head-Jesus will make this a less than pleasant afternoon for Packer fans. An incoming cold front will spark rain showers in the Green Bay area.  Rain looks to be on-going at kick-off and will continue through halftime or the 3rd quarter.  It won’t be torrential but it will probably be steady and soaking.  Wet Packer fans will likely spend their time at the game contemplating what could have been had their entire team not been sent to the medical tables.  They will finally understand what fans across a good portion of the league feel when then they watch their team be piloted by a less an adequate quarterback.  On the whole weather conditions wont be brutal but Lambeau will still be in mourning for their season so its going to be a sad afternoon.

Misery Index: ☹☹

Fantasy/Gambling Weather Report

Carolina at Chicago (12:00 PM Sunday): A cold front will be approaching the Chicago area by mid to late afternoon.  This means rain will be possible during the latter portions of this game.  Additionally as the front gets closer winds will pick up late with gusts between 20 and 30 mph.

New Orleans at Green Bay (12:00 PM Sunday):  As mentioned in the Misery Index above rain will be an issue throughout at least the first half and possibly into the 3rd quarter.  Winds shouldn’t be crazy but there could be a couple of 20-25 mph gusts towards the end of the game.  Seeing as the Saints like to air it out and the Packers have a backup QB the wet conditions could be rather impactful.

#10 Oklahoma State at Texas (11 AM Saturday): There could be some spotty rain showers throughout the game but overall it should be relatively dry.

#9 Oklahoma at Kansas State (3 PM Saturday): For the second week in a row a K-State home game will be impacted by storms.  The cold front will be working its way through the area during the game and strong to severe thunderstorms will be possible.  Right now it looks like storms should be coming through at some point during the first half. I wouldn’t be surprised if kick-off is delayed like last week or if play is suspended at some point during the game.

Kansas at #4 TCU (7 PM Saturday):  The same line of storms that impacts Manhattan, Kansas will be approaching Fort Worth probably some time during the second half of this game.  Storms may not be severe but there will likely be lightning with them which could lead to play being suspended or possibly the game being called all together if it is late enough (and come on its Kansas, it will probably be out of hand).

Colorado at #15 Washington State (9:45 PM Saturday): If you’re looking for some PAC-12 after dark action I suppose this is your game.  Light to moderate rain will be present throughout most of the game with temperatures in the mid 40s and occasional wind gusts between 20 and 30 mph.  Given Washington’s air raid type offence the wet conditions may slow things down a little bit.

If you have questions about other games feel free to tweet to me @stephenuzick

Local Weather

Locally we have some active weather on tap for the weekend.  That same cold front that I have mentioned numerous times above will be working its way through out area Sunday morning.  A line of thunderstorms will accompany the front through.  Some of the storms may be on the strong end but nothing too extreme. Also this line will be moving so flooding isn’t really a concern – most will see 1 inch or less.  This front will bring us amazing weather next week.  Highs will be in the mid to upper 70s with lows in the 40s and 50s. Whats better is that it looks like this pattern may continue for a few weeks.  Models have been showing a “wavy” pattern with the jet stream.


Computer model showing the “wavy” pattern of the jet stream dropping south over the next few weeks.

Movement of the jet stream is responsible for bringing cooler air south and it will dip down into the US a number of times over the next few weeks. This would signify continuous re-enforcing shots of cooler air.  No freezes on the horizon but I think we can now officially say fall is here.


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