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Astros World Series chatter, Rockets lose, and so did my fantasy team because I know you all care. Plus much more in the update for Oct. 24


The Astros are going to the freaking World Series! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. It feels like a surreal dream. Years and years of heartache. Four straight years of 100 loss seasons, then a trip to the playoffs as the wild card team and losing a heartbreaking battle against the Royals, missing the playoffs altogether in 2016 and then finally making it all the way to the World Series. Do the Astros have a shot? I think so. If they can hit and the starting pitchers can go deep into games I think they can win. But if they have to go to the bullpen, they’re screwed. Right now it looks like the first four games pitchers will be Keuchel, Verlander, McCullers, Morton. I’m glad to see McCullers getting a start – when he’s on, he’s on. That curve ball he has is nasty as hell.  Game one is tonight at 7:09 pm and it just so happens to be steak night at Griffs. See you all there!

Duane Brown is back on the field for the Texans after holding out for the first seven weeks of the season. The reports are that he lost millions of dollars in the hold out, which might be why he came back (obviously). The Texans offensive line is a complete shit show, and even though he’s only one man, I feel like Brown can help alleviate some of that pressure. Giving Watson more time to let plays develop, will allow us to see even more of his talent.

The Rockets lost their first game of the season last night to the Memphis Grizzlies 90-98. Yesterday morning, David Aldridge had the Rockets as his number one team in the NBA. Four games into the season seems a little early to be ranking teams, but what do I know.

In outside news, Carson Wentz seems like he might be a pretty good quarterback. He’s got 11 passing touchdowns in the past three weeks alone! And he’s doing this stuff:

Last week, ESPN2 debuted a new show at 1 a.m. on Wednesday morning titled Barstool Van Talk. The show, although it was branded with the edgy and at times offensive blog Barstool Sports, was really just the wildly popular Pardon My Take podcast (which is a Barstool podcast) in video form. The first episode was actually pretty funny. I thought it was a half hour of really unique programming that served two purposes – 1) an audience of podcast fans who aren’t watching ESPN at all right now would be driven to the network, and 2) a chance to attract new listeners to the podcast because Pardon My Take is like the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia of the podcast world. You can listen to episodes on their own and laugh, but if you listen over time the jokes build on each other. After several of their employees complained about the partnership, ESPN president John Skipper pulled the show after just one episode. My issue is this – I know ESPN is the “mother ship” but their attempts to please everyone really just ends up pushing everyone away from their content. For example, had they done even the  most basic due diligence they would have known that Barstool can be offensive and has outright attacked some of their employees. If they really valued their employees, as they claim they do, why would they green light the show in the first place? The show last week was the first time I had turned on ESPN for any purpose other than to watch a football game in probably five years. Not because I think they’re “MSESPN” or they’re too liberal or whatever the talking point of the day is on them. Only because I think every show they have outside of games is vanilla and boring. Their content isn’t bringing anything to the table that we haven’t seen – it’s not creative. I watch highlights on my phone, I don’t need to wait for Sportscenter. I also don’t care about their interviews; we have unlimited access to athletes at our fingertips already. And we’re back to square one. At least we still have the podcast.

Fantasy update

Team Disco Balls fell to Team Kotin this week 104.7 – 108.8 for our first loss of the season. We currently sit at 6-1. Sad face emojis!

Quote of the Day

“When I came here, no one talked about winning” – AJ Hinch during his game save postgame press conference.

Hottie of the Day


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