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This Eagles fan is loving life. And tequila. Plus zingers, shames and fun throughout: The update for Oct. 25



I don’t know how y’all drink tequila. I woke up wondering where I was, WHO I was… and what I did.

Never mind that Monday morning feeling of regret. How about my Tuesday morning feeling of VICTORY? I assume this is how Patriots fans feel every day. No wonder no one likes them. This feeling of being invincible is indescribable. I am literally walking around like I’m Paris Hilton responding to everyone with “Don’t talk to me. Your team is 3-3. I don’t associate with losers.” My Eagles are the best team in the entire NFL. AGAIN. The best part? I don’t even have to acknowledge those peasants known as Dallas Cowgirl fans. Take a knee b… *evil grin*


Speaking of wins… How about our Astros?! What an amazing time to be a supporter of the only Houston team passing out sportsgasms! Since it’s Wentzday, you guys have read about the World Series all week. I’ll leave it to my fellow team member, Chris, to recap you on the play by plays.

Here’s some typical Houston sports newsYour Rockets lost. I don’t do basketball but one of my KU brothers plays for Memphis so if I was to participate, I’d be cheering for the Grizzlies. Sorry guys. I would say I’d cheer for you tonight but you’ll be in Philly… Therefore, it’s a no from me again.


Your Texans had a bye week… 15 other teams did not. My Week 7 Recap is here.

Let’s talk shames.

I’ll start with the entire Pittsburgh Steelers team. This organization has more drama than an episode of Maury from the late 90’s.

Martavis Bryant, take a seat sir… Preferably in your mandatory team meetings. Tomlin has bigger things on his plate to worry about other than your basic b— whining. Maybe if you hadn’t failed 4+ drug tests, you’d have a say in your contract.

Shame bell No. 1


JuJu Smith. Who stole this man’s bike? If you aren’t following his twitter, you’re missing out. Pretty much the whole league has joined the movement to help JuJu find his bike. To whoever stole it…

Shame bell No. 2


In case you haven’t noticed, Carson Wentz wears a green bracelet every day… In honor of his biggest fan who passed away. Don’t watch this video unless you want to cry. If you are still not a fan of my QB, shame yourself.

Shame bell No. 3


Hottie of the Day:


…That’s my ginger… Aka Young Rodgers…







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