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The Astros Happened, Athletes React To Game 2, 74 Year old Ninjas and Kate Upton. Your October 26 update.

Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX

The Astros Happened

If you don’t like October baseball, you probably hate freedom, babies and the elderly.

What a game that was. So much fun to watch. Especially since the Astros won.

Now ask yourself, would you have felt the same way if they lost? It’s funny how we only think it was a great game when our team wins, but that’s how sports works I suppose.

If you ask David Schoenfield, it was “the greatest game 2 in World Series history”

I agree, David.

David (and I) weren’t the only one’s who thought so.

And finally, Houstonian DeAndre Jordan:

But lets be honest, many of you were thinking, “Typical Houston sports outcome…” around the start of the 8th inning when the Astros were down 3-1.

It’s OK, that’s perfectly natural being a Houston sports fan.

But then…

But then something happened.

Magic happened.

Marwin happened!

Altuve and Correa happened!

Then Giles happened. 😦

But then Maybin and Springer happened!

Devo Almost happened (phew).

The Astros?

The Astros happened.

And now they come home for 3 straight games, tied 1-1.

That’s the good news.

Now the bad.

When I gave out my prediction for the series, I felt like they Astros could steal one on the road, so coming home tied 1-1 isn’t that much of a surprise to me. The problem is Darvish is an Astros killer, Wood has flown under the radar and despite what happened last night the Dodgers bully is still really good – and the Astors bully isn’t.

I’m sticking with my Dodgers in 6 pick, but MAN do I hope I’m wrong.

Some of my notes from the game:

  • I’m sorry, but the Vin Scully thing was terrible. I know he’s 90, but did we have to watch that? I’d rather watch Joe Buck ball wash Aaron Judge than that 90 minute “first pitch”.
  • Speaking of… how many “first pitches” are they allowed to have? It’s called the FIRST pitch, and it’s supposed to be an honor. But having a first, second, ninth, fifteenth, thirty seventh pitch? C’mon now.
  • I’m already sick of Yasil Puig. We get it, you like to lick wood. It was funny the first 500 times. It’s dumb now, please stop. Also…lick that K, playboy.
  • I’m glad AJ Hinch didn’t listen to most people who said that Springer should be moved out of the leadoff spot. I’ve been saying for a week plus that you had to let your star hit himself out of it. You wouldn’t move Altuve or Correa, you don’t move Springer. All 3 of them are your super-stars. You dance with what brung ya.
  • The Astors are probably going to have to win 7-6 every time, because that bullpen is just atrocious. I expect to see a lot more Colin McHugh from now on.


If you’re in the Beaumont area, I have a show at Sugars Deep South Cuisine tomorrow (10/27). Details are on my Facebook fan page, here. Show starts and 7 and ends at 9.

Yeah, I know, the Astros play. So DVR it and then watch it when you get…hahahah, yeah right.

I know, never going to happen. It was worth a shot.



“There aren’t many people I would pay to go see, but I’d pay to go see you.” – Hank Aaron, to Jose Altuve.


Yes, I know this is a repeat, but it worked last time, didn’t it?????


Look, I know she’s been posted here before, but we need some good karma headed into Friday.

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