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Week 8 Football Weather Update: Messy conditions on tap for many games

As we enter the final week of October much of the country will be experiencing their first tastes of winter.  For the 3rd weekend in a row a storm system and its associated cold front will be traversing the nation bringing less than ideal conditions to a number of football games.  The storm system dragging a cold front across the central and eastern portions of the nation will meet up with warm moist tropical air riding up the east coast resulting in a nor’easter like storm.  Snow wont be an issue but it will be very wet and windy from Washington all the way up through New England.  And wouldn’t you know it, all the east coast NFL teams have home games this Sunday.


Forecast model showing heavy rains moving up the east coast this weekend.  Loop is for midnight Saturday to 6 AM Monday.

In the interest of time and space am going to to take a break from the Misery Index this week and get right to the games.

Chargers at Patriots (12 PM Sunday): Rain should hold off for this game but there is a slight chance it could creep in by the 4th quarter.  As the storm system approaches the area winds will be around 15-20 MPH with gusts possibly approaching 30 MPH by late in the game. Temperatures will be in the mid-60s.

Falcons at Jets (12 PM Sunday):  This looks to be a very soggy, windy game.  Rain will be a constant throughout the game and could be heavy at times.  In addition to the rain, winds will be around 20-25 MPH with gusts possibly approaching 35-40 MPH in the second half.  These conditions could have an important impact on the point total for this game and will likely force offenses to rely on their running games.

49ers at Eagles (12 PM Sunday):  Ah the Chip Kelly left-overs bowl.  Philly will see similar conditions to New York for this game. Steady rain through the entire game and winds gusting to 35 MPH.  This will likely slow down Carson Wentz and the Eagles receivers and force the birds to rely more on their run game.  There is no doubt the Eagles are good and the 49ers are bad but this is the kind of game where I can see the lesser team pulling off a surprise due to the adverse conditions.

Cowboys at Redskins (4:25 Sunday):  Since this game is a bit later in the day the cold front will have already pushed through the DC area by the time this game kicks off  making for a raw afternoon/early evening.  Temperatures will start in the upper 40s and will drop to the low 40s by the end of the game. Light to moderate rain will be falling through most of the game and winds will be gusting to 30-35 MPH.  Similar to the other games I mentioned here, expect a heavy emphasis on the running game as the cold, wet, and windy conditions will likely make it a tough day for receivers.

If you have questions about any other games, college or NFL, you can find me on Twitter @stephenuzick

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