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Duane Brown’s holdout made him expendable

A statement was made and the long holdout sends him packing.

By Brien O’Donal

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Duane Brown has now been deemed expendable. I attribute that to the fact that Deshaun Watson has been exceedingly great without him in the lineup. It could also be because Bob McNair didn’t like that Brown held out for a new contract the first 7 weeks of the season, coming back only when it was in his best interest to do so. Whatever the reason, the news is that tonight he is gone. He is on his way back to Seattle in a trade that should help both teams.

The terms of the deal as last reported are the Seahawks receive Duane Brown and the Texans get cornerback Jeremy Lane, a 2018 5th round pick and a 2019 2nd round pick. For the Texans, that’s actually not a bad haul. They can use all the draft picks they can get after giving up next year’s draft to the Cleveland Browns. The Seahawks get a top left tackle to help with their offensive line problems. That should easily make them better.

But how much do the Texans get better in the short term? I think maybe just enough. They lost a shootout in Seattle Sunday because their secondary couldn’t cover anything even if they stood on the field with blankets in their hands. Maybe Lane learns fast and gets thrown out there to help relieve the most underachieving of the underachievers. Maybe he takes a week or two. Either way, the Texans dump a disgruntled employee and get depth and future depth in return.

I think this trade works out for both teams. Brown was worth some decent compensation and the Texans got it. They also got a player that helps the group most in need of immediate help. I don’t know how much Lane Johnson helps right away but there are still 9 games for them to figure it out. The Seahawks just won a game they probably shouldn’t have so getting Brown going on their line can only add to their current record. Maybe the real winner of this trade won’t be known until the Texans make those draft picks in 2018 and 2019. I guess we shall see.

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