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Thank you, Astros. From a lifelong Houston sports fan: The update for Nov. 2

I’m tired of the cloud that hangs over Houston sports.

I’m tired of being reminded of the Renfro catch vs the Steelers in ’79.
The Phi Slama Jama losses to NC State and Georgetown.
The soul crushing loss in ’80 to the Phillies, and ’86 to the Mets.
The 1998 letdown by the best team in baseball.
Albert Pujols stealing Brad Lidge’s soul.
Damian Lillard.
The game 7 blowout vs the Mavs.
Getting swept by the White Sox in 2005.

There’s a ton more examples I could list, but I’m tired of re-visiting them.

I’m tired of expecting things to go wrong.

I’m tired of the knot in my stomach when you know it’s not over and they can still find a way to lose.

I’m tired of let downs.

I’m tired of the disappointment.

I’m tired of the teams I root for not getting respect nationally.

I’m tired of feeling like the teams in Houston are cursed.

I’m tired of “maybe next year”.

Some of you will read this and say, but what about 1994 and 1995? The Rockets and Clutch City? Yep, those were amazing but you can’t shake that asterisk.

* Jordan wasn’t there.

I’m tired of the asterisks.

So last night was special.

I went from tired to thankful.

I’m thankful that this time there is no no asterisk (2nd best records in the AL and beat the Red Sox, the Yankees and the Dodgers in the playoffs).

I’m thankful for the best game of baseball I’ve ever watched (World Series Game 5 – I think that’s when I started to think, maybe the fog over Houston Sports is lifting).

I’m thankful to the Astros for making this city believe again. For making me believe again.

Thank you for not quitting.

Thank you for being clutch.

Thank you for being there for the city during Harvey.

Thank you, Astros.



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