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Deshaun Watson Likely Done for the Season-Now What?

The worst thing that could happen today did.

By Brien O’Donal

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This is such big news I am writing this on the bus ride home. So, let’s just get into it. Reports coming in this afternoon are that Deshaun Watson might have torn his ACL in a non-contact drill during practice. He is undergoing further tests to determine the severity of the injury, but it doesn’t sound positive at this moment.

It has already been announced that Tom Savage will start Sunday against the Colts. That opponent might be the only saving grace for the Texans right now. The Colts have their moments of competency but even with Savage under center they are beatable.

The rest of the season looks lost though. The defensive injuries and deficiencies will now be pushed to the breaking point without the offensive support Watson created–sometimes out of thin air. It will be up to everyone on that roster to rally every bit of talent and ability they have to make a decent show on Sundays.

I don’t think it will help. The offense is completely dependent upon Watson’s talent, evidenced by last year’s effort with Osweiler. And don’t think the final record will be 9-7, the defense in 2017 is not as good as it was in 2016.

I hope like crazy that Watson recovers well from this and maybe the ownership can put some better players around him to make a run in 2018. That’s asking a lot. Don’t forget the Texans have traded away what now might be top ten first and second round picks to the Browns in the offseason.

It’s all bleak news right now and the future doesn’t look any better. We will still watch though. For one: Texans games will still black out all the others and two: we Houston Texans fans are gluttons for punishment. Enjoy!

1 Comment on Deshaun Watson Likely Done for the Season-Now What?

  1. We Suck Again !!!


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