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Think the Sports Illustrated World Series prediction was crazy? Here’s one better

What if I told you the now famous Sports Illustrated cover wasn’t the craziest prophesy fulfilled by the Astros’ victory last night.  I dare say there was one better.  Eric Berger, author of the fabulous Space City Weather website, posted the following tweet at 1:53 PM Wednesday afternoon (almost a full 5 hours before Game 7’s first pitch):

Astros 5-1

At first glance it just looks like a heck of a prediction.  Predicting the Astros win the World Series to bring joy to a city devastated by Harvey.  When I first saw the tweet yesterday afternoon that is exactly what I thought.  However the follow up tweet is what is truly mind blowing.  Ready? Here it is:

Astros 5-1 (2)

The 5-1 score wasn’t chosen in some arbitrary fashion. No, it was a direct relation back to Harvey – the storm that makes winning this World Series even more special than it would otherwise be.  Now you tell me which prediction was crazier.

As a side note, if you are not reading Space City Weather you need to be.  It is one of the first webpages I visit every morning.  They provide down-to-earth, easy to understand, no hype forecasts everyday.  Additionally it was an absolutely indispensable resource during Harvey.  Space City Weather is partially what inspired me to start writing here and its primary authors, Eric Berger and Matt Lanza, represent what I hope to become as one who writes about the weather.

(Also their predictions are clearly second to none)


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